Dead State Wiki

Items are generally acquired by:

Some items may be given to you by NPCs or as product of recycling or upgrading other items. All items have a set weight that count towards your max carry weight while in your inventory. Items may be traded between allies by right-clicking the ally on any combat map, and left-clicking when you see the 'backpack icon'.

Items can also be moved within the shelter by clicking on the nametag in the upper left corner in the shelter inventory screen.

Fighting Gear[ | ]

Special Items[ | ]

  • Mood items (Will boost the mood of the right ally if given)
  • Unique items (Is required for certain upgrades or events)
  • Building materials (Is required for certain upgrades and consumed when project starts)
  • Data items (these can be unlocked and read in the library after Doug Schultz woke up and set up his decryption programm)

Automatically stocked for consumption[ | ]

These items will be automatically added to the shelter storage to cover the ongoing needs of the shelter residents and horses:

  • Morale items (Adds to the collective morale of the shelter)
  • Fresh Food (The best food)
  • Preserved Food (Regular food)
  • Bad Food (Can cause a hit to morale)