Dead State Wiki
Job Board

Jobs are handled through the Shelter Job Board interface in the Cafeteria. The Player can assign people to projects if they have the requisite skills and items to take on the task. Most jobs have limited work slots. It is also possible to repair some of the upgrades when they break down. For projects that require a certain number of hours to complete: each survivor will contribute 12 hours per day to the task, from 8am to 8pm.

The PC can also work at the school, but it is probably not the best use of his or her time.

Chemist[ | ]

Upgrades or produces various items, weapons, and armor.


Cook[ | ]

Can create better meals, which generates positive morale.


  • Mark Corbeau to bring it up after he joins

Doctor[ | ]

Patients heal twice as much per hour doctor is on duty, +.5 additional HP recovery per level of required medical over skill level.


Farmer[ | ]

One extra piece of food produced each week for every day a farmer works in the garden. Maximum 2 farmers with either or both upgrades.


Guard Duty[ | ]

Helps to defend the fence, plus one Morale per guard (+1 bonus if fully staffed).


Healing[ | ]

The character recovers in the Infirmary


  • Less than 100% health
  • Doctor or Nurse on duty
  • Infirmary

Lab Work[ | ]

Work in the Science Lab to develop upgrades.


Machinist[ | ]

Upgrades or produces various weapons, items, and armor.


Mechanic[ | ]

Completes upgrades and maintenance on vehicles. -2 Hours time to completion for every point over necessary skill level.


Maintenance[ | ]

Fixes minor problems around the Shelter, generating +3 Morale per day.


Nurse[ | ]

Patients heal an additional 0.5 health (HP) per hour while a Nurse is on duty; +0.3 of HP recovery per level of Medical over required skill level.


Relaxation[ | ]

Allows weary allies to relax, cures depression and generates +1 Morale.


  • Recreation Room

Repair Fence[ | ]

Repair a certain amount of damage done to the fence per day for each spare part used.


Security Guard[ | ]

Prevents theft of supplies, makes people feel safer, and generates +3 morale (no skill bonus).


  • At least 3 points of Melee skill
  • Available after the "Antibiotics Theft" Crisis Event.