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Jodie Hopkins is a mentally challenged young man with savant-level aptitude for cars and car mechanics. When the outbreak started, he was working in a garage outside Splendid. Jodie was told by his employer, Mr. Carmichael, to stay at his workshop until he's back with help. Due to Jodie's a mental issue, this seemed to be the best for him, but Mr. Carmichael never made it back.

Recruitment[ | ]

Note: Jodie will die if he is not recruited before Day 30 (May 21st).

Jodie can be found at "Carmichael's Garage", east of Splendid on Route 190. He'll follow circular logic, but if you ask him to come work for you and be persistent, he will eventually come along.

Events[ | ]

  • The morning after joining the Shelter, Jodie will tell you he doesn't like the undead, and wants to work on cars. If you are polite to him and say you'll put him on a task, he'll let matter drop - if you insult him, he'll take a slight Mood penalty.
  • Two weeks after joining the Shelter, Jodie will ask you where his brother and Mr. Carmichael are. If you have Negotiation or 2 or more, you can put him off by saying you talked to them. If you yell at him to get back to work, he'll take a Mood penalty and leave you alone. If you're careful to explain what death is, he'll drop the matter and leave.

Special Requests[ | ]

  • Garage

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Jodie's severe autism prevents him from developing any skills other than Mechanical - his Vigor stat will improve, but nothing else.

Traits[ | ]


  • Scrawny: "Jodie's lanky frame means he can subsist on 1 less food per day."
  • Master Mechanic: "Jodie's savant-level knowledge of mechanics allows him to finish projects on the car 50% more quickly if he's working on them."
  • Parked: "This ally enjoys having a Garage in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time mood boost after it is completed."

Play Style[ | ]

Jodie and his skills are absolutely wasted in the field - keep him occupied in the Shelter, preferably in the Garage or the Workshop. However, his mechanical skills can be an asset in opening locked doors if you do not have any other survivors and planning to do a scavenge run. In addition, he has few morale improvement opportunities and the only way to truly raise his mood is through Todd and the Relaxation room.

Because he doesn't really understand death, Jodie will not react to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Burnet, TX
  • Subleader Supported: Todd
  • Shelter Location: Outside Shelter, near flag
  • Jodie is one of the few people who does not seem to get sick.
  • Jodie is severely autistic.