Joel Oswalt
Dead State Joel
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
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Health 100
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Status Alive
Location School

Overview Edit

Joel Oswalt is a deputy in the Splendid Police Department. He is a Splendid local and one of two remaining members of the Police Department. He is first met at Splendid School where he is left in charge while Vic and Sheriff Reinhart deal with the crisis. Joel does not have a lot of faith in himself, believing that he's not a very good cop, thus he relies upon Vic for leadership.

Joel can be found stood inside next to lockers near the School Entrance.


Chapter 1: Securing the shelter
Day: 1
Active Day: 1
Map: School
Party: Yes
Infected: No
Favorites: Hot Sauce


Stat Level
Survival 1
Mechanical 1
Melee 3
Ranged 4
Science 0
Medical 1
Negotiation 0
Leadership 0
Special abilities

Traits Edit

  • Nervous: "Joel gets a temporary +2 to his Perception when his Panic is at 50% or more."
  • Wooden Wall: "This ally enjoys having a Wood-Reinforced Fence around the Shelter, and will gain 1 extra Moral per day after it is completed."

Relationships Edit

Sheriff Reinhart -

Vic Castillo -



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