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Junkyard Gate
Junkyard Central

The Junkyard is a car scrapyard that consists of the junkyard area made up by car wrecks and stripped down cars. There is a building in the back and a closed front gate that is partly protected by a semi-truck.

Location[ | ]

The junkyard is located about 60 miles to the south-west of the shelter and about 10 miles north of Interstate 10 and 15 miles south of Route 190.

Resources[ | ]

Junkyard Office

As can be expected this is a place for parts and fuel. However, due to the host of enemies this is also a place to get weapons and armors. There is also a welding torch. Furthermore some luxuries and some food.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Welding Torch
  • Electric Baton(Sanford)
  • Corrugated Tower(Sanford)

Doors, locks and alarms.[ | ]

The front gate is unlocked. The front door of the building is unlocked. The side door is locked and the door has a rating of 80. There is no alarm.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters
  • Survivalists
  • Predator
  • Coyotes
  • Sanford(Electric Baton, Molotov Cocktail, Corrugated Tower, Motorcycle Helmet, Motorcross Armor, Construction Boots, Dog Sleeve, Stuporax, Part, Tennis Ball, Sham)
  • Attack Dogs(2)
  • Vicious Dog

Your enemies have banded together! The are mostly located around stewpot in front of the building and the car hoist. The dogs are mostly around the building. There are no enemies inside the building.

  • Though Looter
  • Experienced Looter
  • Looter Marksman
  • Coyote Scout
  • Coyote Outlaw
  • Coyote Brawler
  • Survivalist Sharpshooter
  • Survivalist Commando
  • Survivalist Rifleman
  • Survivalist Trapper
  • Predator Spearman
  • 2 Attack dogs
  • 1 Vicious dog