Dead State Wiki

Dead State’s Kickstarter,, ended successfully on July 5th, 2012 with a total of 10,096 backers and $332,635 raised. This unlocked these stretch goals:

  • $180,000 - The Weapon Pack (added these weapons: Tiller, Crossbow, Flare Gun, Bola, Bottle of Acid, Bowie Knife, Repeating Lever-Action Rifle, Antique Revolver, MSG-10 SMG, Nailgun, Crash Axe, Sickle)
  • $210k - New Areas (Military Base, Regional Airport, County Fair, Mall)
  • $240k - More Attack Animations, 2 New Allies, 2 New Shelter Upgrades
  • $260k - More Character Creation Options, More Zombie Variety, Post-Release GameModifiers -
  • $300k - The City Area (High risk, high reward), 1 New Ally
  • $330k - Animals Added, Dog Allies Added

The “Save one for yourself” usb drive will most likely be 8 GB.

Beta testers will be chosen from the $50+ KS pledge levels. There will be a few dozen slots for testers. They will accept the highest level KS pledges first.