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Kitchen Knife
Kitchen knife
Class Knife
Hands 1 (Can keep another object in second hand)
Range 1 (Must be standing next to target)
Damage Type Slashing (Counts as Slashing damage, not good VS armor with high Slashing Resistance)
Stat Chance Counter 40%
Bleeding 20%
(Good counter chance, decent chance to cause bleeding)
Noise 2 (Extremely quiet weapon)
Strength 1 (Strength required to wield effectively, this one is one of the lightest)
ZDamage 40% (It only does 40% of normal damage against zombies, so not good for undead)
Critical Hit chance 10% (Pretty high chance for criticals)
Critical Multiplier 2 (But only does double damage)
Weight 1 (Very light)
Breakage 5% (Low chance to break)

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An average chef's knife, used for dicing, chopping, and cutting. While of reliable construction, combat may put too much stress on this weapon for it to last terribly long.

Attacks[ | ]

Basic Attack[ | ]

  • The default attack
  • AP Cost: 3 (Really quick weapon – a fast character could attack multiple times per round)
  • Damage: 3-20 (Not very high damage, range of damage makes it unreliable as a damage dealer)

Slash[ | ]

  • A vicious slash.
  • AP Cost: 5
  • Damage: 1-7
  • Modifier: +40% chance to cause Bleeding (Bleeding is almost a guarantee)

Flurry[ | ]

  • A series of quick strikes (think Norman Bates in Psycho)
  • AP Cost: 7
  • Damage: 3-10 (3 attacks in a row)
  • Modifier: Accuracy -30% (Not very accurate)

Plunge[ | ]

  • Destroys the weapon but aims to do as much damage as possible.
  • AP Cost: 6
  • Damage: 10
  • Modifier: Critical 100%, Bleeding 100%, Break 100%