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Location of the Lampasas Shelter

Lampasas Shelter[ | ]

Lampasas Shelter (an encampment type of location is a failed shelter, completely overrun by zombies and a few starving soldiers. The place is big and will take up to 3 trips to completely empty out (a car with a trunk will help). Craig Sullivan and Karen Landey are from there, as Craig mentions to the player that when the chain of command was cut the military soon began abusing the people in the shelter due to lack of direction and he was a victim of their brutality. The shelter fell after a riot broke out and was caught by a horde of zombies who broken into the shelter, Craig and Karen were able to escape in time.

Location[ | ]

Lampasas can be found where the 183, 190 and 281 intersects - close to the eastern edge of the map.

Resources[ | ]

A lot of loot with some specials.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • MS4 in a footlocker in the second tent to the right the left-gate.
  • MS4 in a footlocker in the first tent to the left of the right-gate.

Enemies[ | ]

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies

There are a few places in the game that are overflowing with zombies and this is one of them. Looting this place requires you to clear out a staggering amount of zombies, which is very tedious work as during combat all of the zombies, regardless of distance, will get a turn making each round last a long time as the game goes through 30+ zombies. It helps to wait a while until you have better gear, such as Sir Charleston armor, bows and the like. Trying to lure them in with noise requires you to be ready to quickly smash the spacebar as otherwise you get overwhelmed by zombies when not moving in combat mode. Be prepared for zombies spawning at the slightest noise.