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Lane Vibesit

Lane Vibesit is the DJ of the KHCK radio station, which the player is able to hear from the beginning through the radio in Davis' office.

Background[ | ]

Lane went down a long line of odd jobs trying sustain his hobby of collecting indie band music and being swept aside by female indie bandmates who reject his advances. This habit has created a pessimistic mindset that worsened after the zombie apocalypse as he was forced to flee to a radio station where he provides a link to the people of the outside world as they pessimistically talk of their plight. But for Lane, he already knew the outcome was the end of the world is here and there is nothing anyone can do to make it better.

Recruitment[ | ]

Lane can be found at the "KHCK Radio Station", west of San Angelo. NOTE: you need to find him before Day 51, or he will have left the station. Aggro can be brought along for additional dialogue and makes it clear he is to be kept on a tight leash

Events[ | ]

  • The morning after Lane joins the Shelter, he'll ask you to check in on some of his listeners. If you're positive about it, he'll gain a very small Mood boost - be a jerk, and that'll turn into a penalty instead. Once you've investigated the sites he tells you about, tell him about it back at the Shelter, and he'll gain a significant Mood boost in knowing what happened to them.
  • Lane doesn't deal very well with positive attitudes - if Morale in the Shelter is high, he'll come to you and complain about it. If you dismiss him or get irritated, he'll get a slight Mood penalty; if you're realistic or likewise jaded, he'll get a Mood boost instead.
  • If Morale at the Shelter is very low, Lane will tell the player how excited he is about it, and will gain a Mood boost.
  • Lane's relationship with Aggro is complicated, and his fanboy nature will get him into trouble with Aggro if you don't manage the situation carefully.
    • If Lane and Aggro have been in the Shelter together for a few days, Lane will come up to you asking if you're interested in her, or if you could put in a good word for him with her.
    • A few days after this incident, Aggro will approach you and complain about Lane not leaving her alone - she'll warn you to tell him to stay away from her.
    • If nothing is done within a few days, Lane will come to you complaining loudly that Aggro beat him up, and asking for you to do something about it.
    • You can confront Aggro after this and either punish her or commend her for her actions.
    • At any point during this sequence, you can talk to Lane to get him to leave Aggro alone, and depending on how you handle this, could cause either a light or a significant Mood loss - but definitely less than doing nothing and letting the scenario play out.
    • If Aggro is killed, Lane will suffer a massive Mood loss, and mention to the player how hard he's taking her death.
  • At Day 50, Lane will bring up doing a live DJ set, and will ask for permission. You can shut him down immediately (Mood penalty), or agree, at which point he'll request you find the mix CDs at his apartment. Once you have those (and 2 gallons of fuel to run the generator), you can talk to him at the Shelter and agree to let him have his live set. (NOTE: This will set him to be Unavailable for a day, but will raise Morale in the Shelter by 50)
  • At Day 55, Lane will come up to you and ask to vent about certain people in the Shelter. If you turn him down, he'll get a slight Mood penalty and walk off. If you let him go on, however, he gets a slight Mood boost.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Hot Sauce
  • Coffee Beans


  • Shooting Range

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Lane pours a lot of points into Negotiation at first, then switches his skill-building focus frequently after that, building up Medical, ranged, Science, Mechanical, and Leadership: he won't pour a lot of points into a single skill after the initial chunk, but gains points in them across the board. Stat-wise, Lane's first two stat points will go into Perception, then Agility.

Traits[ | ]


  • Misery Loves Company: "Lane's dour outlook actually turns things around - if the Shelter's Morale drops below 15, he gives it a 10 Daily Morale Boost."
  • Slacktivism: "Somehow, Lane not working is a relaxing sight, earning a daily Morale bonus of 1."
  • Home On The Range: "This ally enjoys having a Shooting Range in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Mood boost after it is completed."
  • Nothing Gold: "This character either has a personality that does not allow them feel joy for long or has suffered too much. As a result, their Mood cannot remain raised above Content."

Play Style[ | ]

If you can find him early, he's a decent combat character in the late game but is better used as a source of morale by not working at all.

Lane will react negatively to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 28
  • Hometown: Pasadena, CA
  • Sick Event: "bathroom issues"
  • Subleader Supported: Lloyd
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, near right stairs
  • "Lane Vibesit" is an anagram for "Steve Albini" - a massively influential indie singer/songwriter/musician/music journalist.
  • When you give Lane hot sauce, he'll mention that he used to order half-gallons of it online. That is not only absolutely a thing you can do, but it is precisely how lead designer Brian Mitsoda orders Cholula-brand hot sauce.
  • Because of Brian Mitsoda's love for indie music lot of the bands Lane references on his radio broadcasts are either riffs on existing bands, random humorous names, or inside jokes:
    • DAY 5 - "VonMonsterface" is the band he and his wife, writer/designer Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, made up for a game of Rock Band - hence the song name "Plastic Guitar Star." The name originally came from a fake band Annie once referenced in the webcomic she used to write.
    • DAY 7 - "Sparkle House" -> Sparklehorse
    • DAY 8 - "pretty redhead with prettier voice" -> Neko Case
    • DAY 9 - "Panda Airliner" -> Panda Bear/Animal Collective
    • DAY 12 - "Casa Blanka" -> reference to Blanka from the Street Fighter series
    • DAY 17 - "Faded Cassette" -> Memory Cassette/Memory Tapes
    • DAY 19 - "British Naval Battles" -> British Sea Power
    • DAY 23 - "Quatropussy" -> Octopussy
    • DAY 26 - "In An Airplane, Over the Ocean" - Neutral Milk Hotel
    • DAY 30 - "Tarmac" - Pavement
    • DAY 35 - "MC Metal Fingers" - MF Doom
    • DAY 45 - all text here influenced heavily by the Shellac song "The End of Radio." (Brian Mitsoda credits this song with the genesis for the creation of Lane as a character, and why he named him after Steve Albini)