Leadership is one of the available Skills in the game Dead State. With this skill, players have the ability to inspire and intimidate people. This skill is used in dialogue situations and helps increase the effectiveness of allies in combat.


30 points may be placed in any skill, perks are awarded at levels 4, 12, and 30. The number of points required to advance a skill to the next level increases with only 1 point required for the first level up to 6 points for the 10'th level.

4 Skill PointsEdit

  • Aim for the Head
Improves party chance to hit undead by 25% for three rounds (only undead).
  • Don't Panic
Keeps allies from going into a Panic (or removes them from one) for 3 rounds.

12 Skill PointsEdit

  • Get Up
When used, knocked out companions immediately get up with 10 health.
  • Finish Them
Increases the critical chance of every party member by 50% for one round.

30 Skill PointsEdit

  • Double Time
Adds 4 AP to each ally for 1 round.

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