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Llano Commercial District[ | ]


Llano Commercial District is a small town that the player will visit early on in the game for supplies, as it is close to Splendid and has several valuable resources, such as a Diamondback Hardware and a Diner. The place is listed on the map as Llano Commercial.

Location[ | ]

Llano Commercial is located a short distance to the southeast of the shelter and is the first location you are asked to visit.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies.
  • A crazed girl.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

The place contains seven zombies and one crazy girl called Cindy.

Firing guns seems to have no or limited chance of having zombies being drawn in.

Distribution[ | ]

- Inside Diamondback Hardware store:

  • Zombie in the main area.
  • Zombie in the back-room.
  • There is a locked door rated 20 that gives access to a working area. If you force the door one or more zombies from the street might wander in.
  • There is a locked door with rating 10 that gives access to the parkinglot.

- The parking lot to the side and the back of the Diamondback Hardware:

  • Two zombies.

- In front of the Burger Bar Diner at the back of the police car around a dead body:

  • Three zombies, including a dead cop.

- Inside the Diner

  • Cindy, a crazed girl who attacks you on sight. Probably freaked out by the cluster of zombies in front of the Diner. She uses a knife, allowing to stab a lot for little damage. It is unknown if she can be reasoned with.
  • There is a door to the back of the store rated 30 which gives access to the storage area from the outside, possible allow you to loot the place and avoid an attack by Cindy.

Resources[ | ]

The most obvious place to go is the Diamondback Hardware store which contains a lot of resources to help you get the shelter up and running. This includes a lot of parts for mending the fence. There is a van and a bag in the parkinglot. The diner offers food stuff. There is a dumpster near the other exit/entrance.

Trivia[ | ]

Llano is a small town that does exist(unlike Splendid) and is located roughly where the game puts the location. The Burger Bar Diner does exist but is called Burger Bar Cafe for real and looks almost like the one in the game(from the outside). There is no Diamondback Hardware store, but there is a Buttery Hardware Company in the south-west of Llano.