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Llano Residential[ | ]

Llano Residential is a suburb of the town Llano and ingame place. The layout if fairly simple, the area is cut into three part by a T crossing, with each area holding one house, for a total of three houses. There is quite some space around each house. There are almost no zombies in the street and only a few near the house at then end.

Location[ | ]

Llano Residential is southeast of the Shelter beyond downtown Splendid of the T-crossing where route 377 meets route 87.

Resources[ | ]

There is little to loot outside the houses. Most loot here is luxury items and food.

The house at the top of the T-crossing contains a survivor who is aggressive towards you but will not attack.

The house to the right side upon entering, the one with all dead inside painted on the wall, contains five lootpoints, mostly luxury items and some food from the kitchen.

The house to the left side(the one with the dog-house in the yard) and Grill at the back contains eight loot points giving mostly luxury items and some food.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Looters
  • Survivor(neutral, but potential hostile)

There are almost no zombies about, except for three in front of the house at the top of the T-crossing.


In front of the house with the survivor the only three zombies outside are staring into the house. One is to the left of the door, the other two right. They are Smelling Corpse, Female Corpse and Dead Looter. The door is rated 30.

The house to right side upon entry contains three zombies, they are a Putrid Woman located in the bath room, a Dead Man located in the grand bedroom and a Rotting Female in the bedroom to the left of the corridor behind a closed door. The house has a front door with a rating of 20 and a door to the kitchen rated 15. However the former cannot be picked by level 2, the latter can.

The house on the left of the road upon entry has an open door to the back and a locked front door rated 10. It contains looters. One is near the open door and is a Cowardly Looter armed with a baseball bat. In the common room to the front is a Nervous Looter armed with a snubnose and a Male Looter armed with a kitchen knife.

Note: firing guns has a very low probability of spawning zombies. It can however attract zombies and looters from the open house on the left.

Allies[ | ]

When Renee Cass is your party she will warn you when you move towards a house:

"The codes on the house - I saw them in towns on the road."

"It means there's a body inside."

Trivia[ | ]

The house with the doghouse in the yard contains two dead bodies in the main room. As there are no codes on the house one can assume that they were not zombies when killed. In addition one can loot a knife from the dead body(a man), suggesting he was defending himself. There is strong suggestion that the three looters killed them, but there is no proof that they did, nor is there any hard evidence that the two had not turned. It is one of those little incidents.

Llano itself is a small town of 3200 that is the seat of Llano county.

Notes[ | ]