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Is it not ironical that the first human enemies that you run into are looters, just like you? How convenient then in that they are hostile from the get-go so you can kill them with a clear conscience? But what if you had been confronted with places where nothing was left to loot because others had cleared them out already? And yours are dwindling, you will soon be eating crumbs and rats and insects. Will you go hungry or will you take what you need?

But well, this game has nothing like that and what looters you meet are almost all hostile and can thus be killed without remorse.

Looters are the easiest of live enemies and usually armed with makeshift or low-grade close combat weapon like crowbars and screwdrives, weak ranged weapons like the snubnose hunting shotgun and no or weak armor.

Types[ | ]

  • Cowardly Looter (baseball Bat, Shell, Kitchen Knife, Can of Chili, Soda)
  • Fast Looter(9 mm pistols(6 bullets), combat knife, mystery can, coffee)
  • Nervous Looter(snubnose(3 x 38 mm bullets), 1 x 38 mm bullet, bandages, cigarettes, chocolate bar, kitchen knife)
  • Tough Looter(brush Hook, paintball faceplate, mystery can, toilet paper, cigarettes)
  • Angry Looter(wood axe, codeine, vitamine pills)
  • Serious Looter(saw-off shotgun(2 shells), 4 shells, data item, screwdriver, lock pick, crackers, 2 parts, 4 bandages)
  • Experienced Looter(crowbar, pepper spray, sneakers, goggles, data item, toothpaste, potted meat)
  • Looter Sentry(hunting shotgun(2 shells), 4 additional shells, sneakers, goggles, baseball bat, chips)
  • Weird Looter(sickle, pepper spray, bike helmet, basketball, potato, snack cake and crackers)
  • Male Looter(machete, chips, mystery can).
  • Female Looter(snubnose(6 bullets), hatchet, toilet paper, cab of soup)
  • Badass Looter(antique revolver)
  • Fearful Looter(shell, baseball bat, kitchen knife, Can of Chili, soda)
  • Twitchy Looter(snubnose(4 bullets), 1 38 mm bullet, bandages, cigarettes, chocolate bar, kitchen knife)
  • Looter Marksman(lever-action rifle(4 Bullets), snubnose(5 bullets), wristguards, machete, tennis ball)
  • Armed Looter(9 mm Pistol(8 bullets), snubnose(6 bullets), pipe wrench, lockpick, sanitary pads, parts(2))
  • SMG Looter(MSG-10, claw hammer, paintball faceplate, soup).
  • Crazed Looter(Snubnose (4 bullets), bowie knife, goggles, candy, cigarettes, part, coffee)
  • Starved Soldier(Snubnose(? bullets), combat knife, marksman gloves, combat boots, mystery can)1
  • Looter Thug(MSG-10(30 bullets), claw hammer, welding mask, yard gloves, protein bar, 4 parts)2

Notes[ | ]

1 The Starved Soldier ought possibly to be listed with the Rogue Military, however several things speak against this. One is the poor equipment, another is the lack of dogtags and the final is that the Starved Soldier is encountered with other groups of looters instead of with rogue military. 2 The Looter Thug might be eligible to be listed on the Thugs page, however Thugs seem to be melee fighters. Also the Looter Thug is encountered with other Looters. What speaks against it is that the Thug is well armed for a Looter making it one of the more dangerous Looters.