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The Lucky Rabbit Motel is a place along the Route 83 and consists of a motel, an office building, a gas station and a Tastee Ted's Family Restaurant.

Location[ | ]

This place is located along Route 87 some miles north-west from Eden. Eden is located at the crossing of Route 87 and Route 83.

Resources[ | ]

Mostly luxuries and food. Some fuel from the cars, weapons and ammo from the looters.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Data items

Doors, locks and alarms.[ | ]

A few apartments in the motel are locked with a door rated 20 and can be easily picked. The office building has an alarm that requires a skill higher than 3 and a door with a 30 rating door and a lock.

Enemies[ | ]

A lot of guests of the motel have been unlucky enough to get turned into the ravenous undead. Time for you to deal with them. For fun some of the hostiles are still alive and armed.


Zombies are everywhere.

Looters[ | ]

  • Male Looter
  • Fast Looter

Inside a locked apartment on the ground floor of the motel(the building nearest to the office)

  • Twitchy Looter
  • Fearful Looter
  • Female Looter

Remarks: loud noises have a low chance of spawning zombies.