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The Mason Supermarket area lies south of Splendid along Route 87 and consists of three main buildings: The Bargain Owl, Tasty Ted's Family Restaurant and Giddyup Drugs. There are several wrecked cars and shopping carts with loot that are scattered about the surrounding streets. The only enemies in the area are the infected.

The central parking lot area has 3 walkers who can easily be approached from behind one at a time.

The Bargain Owl store has 3 corpses in the main area: One out in the open and another two behind the far shelving. Two more infected are hiding in the rear of the store in the stockroom and the locker area.

Tasty Ted's has only one corpse waiting out in front of the store

Giddyup Drugs has a total of 4 infected inside. Two are in the main store area, while 2 more are in the back rooms. One of the zombies in the back rooms is waiting right behind a corner, so be careful.