Mechanical is one of the available Skills in the game Dead State. This skill gives players a mechanical aptitude. The mechanical skill determines your ability to pick locks, upgrade the Shelter, modify weapons, and ability to strip more parts from objects.


30 points may be placed in any skill, perks are awarded at levels 4, 12, and 30. The number of points required to advance a skill to the next level increases with only 1 point required for the first level up to 6 points for the 10'th level.

4 Skill PointsEdit

  • Architect
Your skill in building allows for Shelter upgrades to be constructed in 10% less time.
  • Efficiency
You know how to construct more with less. Shelter upgrades require 10% less Parts to complete.

12 Skill PointsEdit

  • Solar Power
Your knowledge of mechanics has allowed you to rig up a solar generator, reducing your Generator's fuel use by 50%
  • Grease Monkey
Your skill with optimizing vehicles has reduced your fuel use when traveling by 50%.

30 Skill PointsEdit

  • Impenetrable
Your superior engineering skills have given your fence incredible durability, raising its total HP by 500.

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