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Medieval Tines Restaurant

The Medieval Tines Restaurant is a restaurant that resembles a castle. There is the restaurant and a parking lot.

Location[ | ]

The restaurant is located to the west of the shelter and south of route 190 and west of rout 277 and near the western edge of the map.

Resources[ | ]

There is not a lot of to get. Some luxuries and food in the restaurant and the cars. The most remarkable are the weapons and armor used by the named enemies.

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

The doors of the restaurant are locked the door has a rating 60. Inside the doors to the storage area and kitchen are locked, the doors have a rating of 80. There is no backdoor into the restaurant.

Enemies[ | ]

All inside the restaurant.

  • King of Diamonds(Snowblind, plate armor, gauntlets, plate helm)
  • Queen of Clubs(flanged mace, chainmail armor, bracer, replica shield, gas mask, shin guards)
  • The Jack of Hearts(Intimacy Problems, riding leathers, cleats, butcher gloves, chainmail coif)
  • Ace(dog)