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The Memorial Park is a location in Dead State. It is a park containing tennis-courts, a picknic area, a playground, a parking lot, a memorial and woods. There is a (toilet)booth and a shed.

Location[ | ]

Memorial Park is on the Route 87 to the west halfway in between Splendid and Fredricksburg1(which is where on the map route 87 crosses route 290.)

Resources[ | ]

This place contains mostly luxuries, food and fuel.

Oakstreet[ | ]

Suitcases filled mostly with luxuries.

Parking lot[ | ]

Two cars some fuel and luxuries.

Tennis courts[ | ]

Two sports bags with luxuries(tennis racket, tennis balls and a baseball bat among them2).

Picnic ground & Playground & Woods[ | ]

Low on food, mostly luxuries.

Shed[ | ]


Booth[ | ]

Luxuries, Family Photo.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Multiple berry bushes and orange trees can be found throughout Memorial Park.
  • Fuel in shed (4 gallons).
  • Family photo(can be given to an Ally)

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies

There are only zombies and they seem to gather mostly in the left and top left. There trees seems favored by the walking dead.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

Parking lot[ | ]

The lot itself contains no zombies, but there is a Dead Cop on the grounds between the lot and the tennis courts and a Dessicated Female next to the water-tower.

Tennis Courts[ | ]

Staring Corpse, Fresh Body

Picnic ground & Playground & Woods[ | ]

A host of zombies mostly hiding away from the sun in the shades of the trees. Most are in the top left.

Looter Corpse, Growling Zombie, Dead Cyclist, Leaky Woman, Male Corpse, Female Corpse, Failed Survivor, Gutted Man, Dead Firefighter, Dead Man, Battered Corpse, Rotten Looter, Crawling Looter, Physician Corpse, Bloody Girl, Rotting Woman, Two Pungent Corpses, Chewed Man, Gross Man.

Booth[ | ]

Decomposing Woman, Football Corpse.

Remarks[ | ]

Loud noises, such as firing guns or breaking open a lock, will spawn zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

- Oak street and Hill street cross again, here.

There seems to be no memorial park in that place in real life. There is a Memorial Park in Houston(if we keep things in Texas) dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War, which has a golf course. The park also has facilities for tennis, softball, swimming, track, croquet, volleyball, skating, cycling, and a running course (2.93 miles (4.72 km)). (source: wikipedia). There is also a Fort Mason City Park in Mason which would be roughly in the same area as the Memorial Park in Dead State.

Notes[ | ]

1 Fredricksburg isn't mentioned in the game.

2 I distinctly recall getting my first aluminum bat in a previous game here, but perhaps I was wrong.

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