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Menard Graveyard

Introduction[ | ]

Despite the name this place only does not have a graveyard. It consist of a church, a street, a playground and a parking. The church is where a new ally is camped up. Menard Graveyard is location of the residences type.

Location[ | ]

The Menard Graveyard is found west of your shelter at Route 190.

Resources[ | ]

Scavenging is not be very profitable as there is almost nothing to loot. What there is is luxuries and fuel mostly.

Parking lot[ | ]

The two cars can be looted for fuel and luxuries.

Street in front of the church.[ | ]

The abandoned car has fuel.

Church[ | ]

A few luxuries, food and some other times. Nothing special.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • Fuel.

Doors, lock alarms[ | ]

Only the church has doors. All the doors are locked and they have a rating of 20 or 30. There are no alarms. Making noises doesn't seem to spawn zombies.

Allies & neutrals[ | ]

  • Nathan Harris is camped up in the church. He will die if you don't rescue him before day 41 (June 2nd). He will be fairly happy to join you, so you won't need to convince him in any special way.

Enemies[ | ]


Remarks[ | ]

Loud noises like breaking open doors or shooting does not have any effect on Nathan nor spawn zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

Notes[ | ]