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The Menard Strip Mall is shopping location with about eight shops surrounded by a parking and connected by pavement.

Location[ | ]

Menard Strip is located directly east of Route 83 heading out west from the Shelter at Splendid and traveling parallel at Route 190. It takes about three hours walking at survival 3.

Resources[ | ]

The mall offers a varied choice of loot. See uploaded schema for details. The mall offers pleny of luxuries and fuel, parts, some food and a cement bag that is required for an upgrade. Weapons can be taken from the coyotes and the looters. The only thing lacking would be medicines.

Enemies[ | ]

There are three groups of hostiles here and no neutrals and friendlies.

  • Coyotes
  • Looters
  • Zombies.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

All the doors are unlocked for easy access. Enemies are distributed as follows.

Coyotes[ | ]

Coyotes are mostly gathered around their motorcycles. Two, A Coyote Scout and a Coyote Brawler, are closer to the two shops on the left row around the white car. Another three , a Lady Coyote, a Coyote Enforcer and a Coyote Outlaw, are in front of the middle shop. One Coyote Scout is to the side of the mall. These Coyotes are the next step up in enemies compared to looters as they are equipped with some armor, good close combat weapons and better guns.

Zombies[ | ]

There are a about five zombies at the back of the two shops and to the side: Pungent Corpse, Smelling Corpse, Female Corpse, Rotten Looter, Failed Survivor.

Behind the three shops is a Shuffling Man.

At the far end of the parking near a car is a Fresh Body.

Looters[ | ]

There are two looters hiding out in one of the 2 shops furtest from the road: a Cowardly Looter and an Armed Looter.

Loud noises such as caused by an extended gunfight will spawn zombies.

Gallery[ | ]