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Mercenaries (or mercs) are another kind of military grade hostiles that you can encounter in the game. They are usually mixed with rogue soldiers. While less prone to use grenades in combat their ranged arsenal is deadly, Combat shotguns and Ak47s main up of the primary of the foot soldiers while their melee units uses riot equipment which is one of best defensive setups in the game.

Types2[ | ]

  • Merc Axeman(Crash Axe, Buckler, Riot Gear, Night Vision Goggles, 1 Antibiotics, 3 parts)
  • Merc Axeman(Fire Axe, Riot Gear, Yard Gloves, Paintball Faceplate, Combat Boots, Can of Tuna, Towel, 3 Parts )
  • Merc (AKA7(15 Bullets), Telescopic Baton, Tactical Vest Advanced , Gas Mask, Weightlifting Gloves, Combat Boots, 3 parts, Toilet paper, Chewing Tobacco )
  • Merc (MS4(15 bullets), Tactical Vest, Paintball Faceplate, Combat Boots, Bowie Knife, Whiskey, Military Ration, Codeine)
  • Merc Sharpshooter(MS4 Rifle, Kukri, Tactical Arm Guard, Combat Boots)
  • Merc Medic(MS4(10 bullets), Combat Machete, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, MP3 Player, Medical Satchel(10), EMT Kit, Adrenaline shot)
  • Merc Heavy (Crash Axe, 357 Magnum, Grenade, Riot Shield, Riot gear, Riot Helmet, Tactical Arm Guard, Tactical Leg Protector, Hot Sauce, Bottle of Ketchup, Dog Food)
  • Merc Assault (Combat Shotgun, Railroad Hammer, Combat Helmet, Tactical Leg Protector, Tactical Arm Guard, Pork Rinds, Cigar)
  • Merc Commando(Sawed-Off Shotgun(2), Bowie Knife, 6 Shells, Tactical Vest Advanced, Combat Boots, Weightlifting Gloves, Night Vision Goggles, Data item)
  • Merc Torturer (Stun Gun (4/6), Bowie Knife, Molotov Cocktail, Swat Gear, Hard Knuckle Gloves, Welding Mask, 3 Parts, Bug Spray)
  • Merc Sniper (Sniper Rifle(5), Combat Knife, Tactical Vest Advanced, Weightlifting Gloves, Tactical leg Protector, Dry beans, Flashlight)
  • Merc Lieutenant(Long Barrel Magnum, Grenade, Bowie Knife, Riot Shield, Tactical Vest Advanced, Combat Helmet, Combat Boots, Weightlifting Gloves, Incendiary Grenade, Helipad Keycard, Data item)1

Named Merc adversaries

  1. Keyes(Austin Rooftop)

Locations[ | ]

They can be found at the following places

  • Hotel
  • Retirement Village
  • Safeheart Clinic

Notes[ | ]

1 The Merc Lieutenant is an unique enemy that heads the troops at level 6 in the Austin Hotel. He has a special card that allows access to the Helipad on the roof.

2 There seem to be mercs with the same name but different gear, so if a merc type is mentioned several times this is not a typo.