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Mia Seza

Mia Seza is one of Sara Seza's sisters. She seems to be the black sheep of the family, because unlike her sisters she's rebellious and didn't reach their educational level.

Recruitment[ | ]

Mia and her sister Sara can be found at the Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp, north of Austin. You have several ways to get them to join:

  • Talk to them at the camp, and if you have a Negotiation skill of 6 or higher, you can say you'll ask Ben, the camp leader, if they can come with you. Talk to Ben: if you have a Negotiation skill of 8 or higher (or bring up that Sara needs a lab), he'll let them go with you.
  • Talk to them, and if you have a Negotiation skill of 7 or more, they'll be willing to listen to your offer - don't be too direct (or a huge creep) and instead up-sell the comforts of the Shelter, and they'll be willing to come with you.
  • About halfway through the second month, if you've already met Sara and Mia, they'll show up at the Shelter gate asking to stay there, saying that the camp was running low on food and they volunteered to leave. You can shoo them away, or take them in.

Events[ | ]


  • Mia Seza is secretly addicted to meth, which her sister Sara makes in order to keep her functional. While it's possible to get her to kick the habit, it takes time and effort, and doing so will change her attitude and wants.
  • At her second day in the Shelter, you'll find Mia having an argument with Davis about the room situation. If you're rude to Mia, she'll take a small Mood penalty - if you're polite, she'll have a small Mood boost. If you insist Davis work it out, she'll take a Mood boost while Davis takes a penalty - if you tell her that's all you can do, it will work in the reverse. If you abandon the situation, both will take a penalty.
  • At 5 days in the Shelter, Mia will apologize for her earlier behavior. If you're polite to her, she'll take a Mood boost.
  • Just over a week in her time at the Shelter, Mia will ask to have the day off because she's feeling "out of it." If you allow her to take the day off, she'll get a small Mood boost and be unavailable for the day. Insist she work, she'll take a Mood penalty and yell at you - if you give in, she'll get a Mood boost (effectively canceling any Mood penalties), but if you push her, she'll storm off and take a medium Mood penalty.
  • At 21 days in the Shelter, if Sara is still alive, Mia will have an overdose - Sara will admit to her role in providing her with drugs. You can ask her to keep things quiet and keep Mia on meth to keep her functional, or to take whatever time is needed to break her addiction.
  • If you've asked Sara to help break Mia's meth habit, two days later Mia will come up to you in a fury, taking a very large Mood penalty, and saying you had no right to do so. If you insist, she'll take another large Mood penalty and run off - if you tell her you'll think about changing your mind, she'll take a small Mood boost and tell you to talk to Sara. If you talk to Sara and tell her the rehab is off, she'll agree, but take a very large Mood penalty.
  • If you keep with the rehab, five days after Mia confronted you, she'll come up and tell you she's doing better (she and Sara will both take large Mood boosts), and tell you a little more about her situation, and apologize for how she was before.
  • If Sara is killed and Mia has not gone through rehab, at finding out she's dead, Mia will scream at you, then immediately die from a heart attack. If she's clean, she'll break down crying and take a massive Mood penalty - you can dismiss her, but if you're supportive, she'll get a small Mood boost.
  • If Sara is alive, Mia will defend the bus or plane stating that her only meaning in life is to ensure her sister is still alive.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Fancy Chocolate
  • Medical Marijuana


  • Spices
  • Hot Sauce


  • Recreation Room

Stats[ | ]

See also Ally Stats.

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Mia's very single-minded initially, immediately maxing out her Melee skill before skipping between Medical, Survival, and Mechanical. Her stat gain is in Vigor, Strength, and Agility.

Traits[ | ]


  • Berserk: "Mia's Panic translates into a kind of frenzy, giving her an accuracy penalty of 20% and an increased damage of 20%."
  • Blunt Trauma: "Mia's quick, violent strikes have proved best-suited for use of clubs, giving her a 20% increase to damage."
  • Recreator: "This ally enjoys having a Rec Room active in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Mood boost after it is completed."

Play Style[ | ]

Mia can be a good addition to the combat team when using a club, but has issues around the Shelter which may make her difficult to use consistently.

Mia will NOT react to killing neutral survivors.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 26
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Sick Event: neck injury
  • Subleader Supported: Lloyd
  • Shelter Location: Second floor, outside Rec Room