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Military HQ[ | ]

Military HQ is an encampment location in Dead State. It is the headquarters of the Military, currently led by Lt. Wes Adair. It is one of the places that can offer a team-up raid (of what was left of the Militia, Jefferson and a couple of Militia men), the Helicopter Escape Ending [2](with less than 15 Allies), and the "Second-in-Command" Ending.

Introduction[ | ]

This is the headquarters or base of operations of the Military. The HQ looks like an emergency shelter with army tents and emergency buildings turned into a temporary command center when Adair first took charge of what was left of the Military. It is a place surrounded by chain linked fences with barbed wires, and a front gate with two watchtowers guarded by a Soldier, whom you can have a conversation with.

Location[ | ]

Military HQ is located at the northwest area, couple of miles above Dead End, near the furthest top left corner of the map. Jefferson mentions it at Day 76 when he approaches the Shelter for help as the Military killed his brother, Filmore, during the take over.

Resources[ | ]

A place with a couple of food, luxuries, fuel, ammo, weapons, armor, and explosives. The armor and military-grade weapons won't hold much significance as the location is revealed at the latter part of the game where you would be probably geared enough to take on most threats. The ammo loot depends mostly if you prolonged the fight.

Doors, Locks, and Alarms[ | ]

Most doors are open.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]

If you decided to help out Jefferson:

  • Jefferson Claude
  • Survivalists (pretty sure they are the Militia but spawned in as Survivalists.)

Visit, Solo, and Team Up[ | ]

Depending on what decision you made, you can achieve different results when going to the Military HQ.

Visit[ | ]

This can be done by outright supporting, and giving what Lt. Wes Adair wants. Giving him the supply that he needs, giving up Paul Rainer when he asks you that he needed him to be on duty (if you haven't recruited Paul, give Adair the 30 antibiotics that he needs), and surrendering Ken Nash when Adair asks for him at Day 78. The location unlocks and can be visited.

Solo Raid[ | ]

If you decided that Jefferson Claude and the rest of the Militia can f- themselves by killing him at the gate of the Shelter, then you can go to the supposed "meet you there" location. Given that you are hostile to Military, lost the chance for the "Second-in-Command" Ending, or for whatever reason you decided to have a 'Bandit' Playthrough, the location unlocks and you can commence your solo raid for what's left of their resources.

Team Up with the Militia[ | ]

If you are friendly with the Militia and decided to help Jefferson Claude, he'll meet you at the location with them (Jefferson and a 5 Militia Men) being inside the gate and surrounded by the nearby soldiers. The gate will be open and automatically the fight starts with your turn being the first. You'll have a momentary 'safe' time before you get swarmed and surrounded by the soldiers.


Team up with Jefferson and Survivalists (Militia Men)


Jefferson and Militia Men at the start of the fight.


  • Jefferson Claude but without his Disaster Axe
  • Survivalist (Lever Action Rifle)
  • Survivalist (Police Shotgun)
  • Survivalist Sharpshooter (Hunting Rifle)
  • Survivalist Archer (Bow)
  • Survivalist Rifleman (AK-47)
Jefferson Finish

Jefferson's final remark.

After killing Adair and clearing the area of all soldiers, Jefferson will say that he's done with them and leaves you immediately.

Enemies[ | ]

Whatever way you tackle this location, enemies that you'll encounter are:

  • Guard (MK5, Tactical Vest, Dogtag)
  • 2 Combat Engineers (Combat Shotgun, Ballistic Vest, Military Helmet)
  • 2 Combat Medics (MK5, Ballistic Vest, Military Helmet, Medical Satchel)
  • Soldier (MS4, Combat Machete, Military Helmet)
  • Soldier (MK5, Tactical Vest, Dogtag)
  • 2 Snipers (Hunting Rifle, Tactical Vest, Marksman Gloves, Dogtag)
  • 2 Specialists (MK5, Crash Axe, Incendiary Grenade, Dogtag)
  • Commando (Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Gas Mask, Tear Gas, Dogtag)
  • Sergeant (MS4, Tactical Vest, Military Helmet, Marksman Gloves, Dogtag)
  • Grenadier (.357 Magnum, Riot Shield, Grenade, Tactical Vest, Military Helmet, Dogtag)
  • Kathy Wen (9mm Pistol, Tactical Vest)
  • Adair (AK-47, 9mm Pistol, Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Data Item, 2 Antibiotics, Sleeping Pills)

Remarks: Zombies will spawn moderately even when peaking at 200db most of the time.

Endings[ | ]

Second In Command Ending[ | ]

Pretty much all you need to do is gain the favor and respect of Adair, give him everything that he needs and follow his instructions or orders. By the time Walter Addison warns the Shelter about the impending doom, you can proceed to the Military HQ and he'll arrange for your escape. Some allies will be mushy and thank you for everything you had done for them. In exchange for your allies to be safely escorted via Helicopter, you'll be staying as Adair's second in command. Not knowing what kind of fate awaits you.

Helicopter Escape [2][ | ]

One of the alternate helicopter escapes to be piloted by either Karen Landey or Kathy Wen as long as you have less than 15 Allies in the Shelter.

Notes[ | ]

  • During the team up raid, you can heal, inject adrenaline shots to KO'd Militia Men and Jefferson.
  • Be careful not to misfire as they will turn hostile and put you in a tight spot.
  • Having Darlene with Sterling, and the Player with Platepiercer with [Finish Them] Perk clears faster than a group with MS4's and Sniper Rifles.