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This page includes characters who are either immediately hostile, or become hostile after a brief conversation.

Angel[ | ]

Location: Foree Outlet Mall

Angel is an named Dog, that inhabits the locked, northwestern room of the mall. There are 3 thugs and a thug leader with her and a watch outside of the room.

Caidoz & DZ[ | ]

Location: Old Neighborhood

Two named zombies, but without special strength. Caidoz and DZ are more like an easteregg as they (short for Drunk Zombie) use the names of 2 moderators on the Iron Tower Studio forums and the Steam forums. They can be found in the basement of a house in the map.

Clownie[ | ]

Location: Texas State Fair

The terrifying leader of the carnies. Carries a Chainsaw and wears a Chemical Suit.

Dick Ferguson[ | ]

Location: Coleman

Leader of renegade cops holed up at the courthouse in Coleman. Armed with Riot Shield, 357 Magnum, Ballistic Vest, and surrounded by a fair number of allies. Named after Ferguson, Missouri.

Defcon[ | ]

Location: Upscale Shopping Plaza

He carries a Sniper Rifle, SWAT Gear, and a Riot Helmet. He initially warns you that the location belongs to him. If you ignore the warning and pass through the middle between the two shop rows, he will spawn (won't be there before) in front the southeastern shop. He will start by throwing an tear gas grenade.

Jefferson Claude[ | ]

Location: Militia HQ

Jefferson Claude is the leader of Texas Sons of Liberty, the militia in Stephenville.

Filmore Claude[ | ]

Location: Militia HQ

Jefferson Claude's brother.

Keyes[ | ]

Location: Austin Mall

Captain of the Merc forces in Austin Outskirts. Decided not to take orders from the remaining military forces, turned on them, and massacred them and all the inhabitants of the mall and hotel before taking it over. Killed Mr. Simons, owner of the local used bookstore and boss of Gillian DeVries - she'll require you kill Keyes and recover the Antique Lighter he stole from her boss, before joining the Shelter as an ally.

Keyes awaits you on the roof of the Hotel next to a fuelled and armed combat helicopter (which you cannot interact with). Once you confront him, there will be a short dialogue where he threatens he will 'make it rain' one last time when he's finished with you (implying he'll bomb the Shelter to dust in revenge), before he and his remaining men will attack.

There is a data item, labeled Austin, which states "KEYES AND ALL OF ONYX CONTRACTORS GONE ROGUE, FIRING ON PERSONNEL AND CIVILIANS" - this indicates that Keyes was a leader or liaison with a PMC, and that they were originally helping the military maintain control.

Marshall Streeter[ | ]

Location: Coyotes Club Headquarters

Marshall Streeter is the leader of the Coyote gang, a group of outlaw bikers, carries the unique weapon Mr. stabby.

Sweaty Dave[ | ]

Location: Coyotes Club Headquarters

Marshall Streeter's right-hand man. Mediocre stats but well-armed, and in dangerous company.

Mickey & Mallory[ | ]

Location: Giddyup Drugs

A crazed couple, inspired by characters of the same names from the movie Natural Born Killers.

Predator Boss[ | ]

Location: Predator Town

The vicious leader of the "Predators." Wears Motorcross armor and wields the special weapon Unasume.

Rash[ | ]

Location: Gated Community

Rash is a named member of the Coyotes. She will ambush you with a group of Coyotes at the Gated Community. She wears Reinforced Riding Leathers, and carries the unique weapon Hackjob, that looks like a firefighter axe.

Rue Britannia[ | ]

Location: Dayman Karate Studio

A team of a crazed millionaire and his unwilling buddies, potentially duped into insane quests in order to stay safe in the apocalypse. Names are all references to characters in the Ultima series of games.

  • Lord Texan: Name is a reference to Lord British. Wears Chainmail Armor and carries the unique weapon Dragoon.
  • LOLo: Name is a reference to Iolo. Wears Firefigher Gear, carries a Crossbow.
  • Dupe Ray: Name is a reference to Dupre. Wears Motocross Armor, carries a Combat Machete.
  • Maria: Name is a reference to character of the same name. Wears Riding Leathers, carries a MSG-10.

Sanford[ | ]

Location: Junkyard

Named after the classic TV show "Sandford and Son." Wears Motorcross Armor, and carries the unique weapon Electric Baton.

Shauna & Edwina[ | ]

Location: Diamondback Hardware

Pair of characters holed up at a bar, references to characters (specifically the "gender-switched" characters) from the film Shaun of the Dead.

  • Shauna: Wearing Ballistic Vest, carrying special weapon Red On You.
  • Edwina: Wearing Ballistic Vest, carrying special weapon Platepiercer.

The Royal Flush Gang[ | ]

Location: Medieval Tines Restaurant

Inspired by the "Royal Flush Gang" from Batman: The Animated Series.

  • The King of Diamonds: Dressed in full plate armor, carrying the special weapon Snowblind, a bastard sword.
  • The Queen of Clubs: Wears Chainmail Armor and a Gas Mask, and carries the unique weapon Flanged Mace.
  • The Jack of Hearts: Wears Riding Leathers and carries Intimacy Problems, a unique halberd.
  • Ace: The canine member of the gang.

The 8-bit Team[ | ]

Location: Old Army Base

8 characters, named after classic 8-bit characters.

  • Ralf & Clark: Named after the characters from the NES classic Ikari Warriors.
  • Bimmy & Jimmy: Named after the characters from the NES classic Double Dragon, Billy & Jimmy. The name Bimmy is a nod to the misspelling of Billy in the opening cutscene of the third title of the franchise, Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones. Bimmy carries the unique club Carbon Steel Tonfa, while Jimmy carries the Carbon Fiber Bat.
  • Karnov: Named after the character from the 8-bit classic Karnov (a spin-off of the even-more-classic arcade game Bad Dudes).
  • Lance & Bill: Named after the characters from the NES classic Contra.
  • David: Named after David Hayter, who voiced Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Wes Adair[ | ]

Location: Military HQ
  • Wes Adair is the heavy armed leader of the military. He is a potential enemy, but does not have to be hostile, depending on your choices.
  • Wes Adair sits in a base full of military personnel and is therefore extremely dangerous.

Kathy Wen[ | ]

  • Kathy Wen is the rather unwilling helicopter pilot of the military. She can under certain circumstances be convinced to evacuate the survivors.