Negotiation is one of the available Skills in the game Dead State. This skill grants the ability to manipulate and reason with people. It is extremely useful in dialogue, as it is helpful in reducing Morale penalties.


30 points may be placed in any skill, perks are awarded at levels 4, 12, and 30. The number of points required to advance a skill to the next level increases with only 1 point required for the first level up to 6 points for the 10'th level.

4 Skill PointsEdit

  • Likeable
The player's personality lifts the spirits of their fellows, earning an additional 5 Morale per day.
  • Team Effort
Your skills at getting people to work better in a crisis has reduced the upgrade repair time by 25%.

12 Skill PointsEdit

  • Popular
The player's force of persolality is so attractive that it earns an additional 10 Morale per day.
  • Rationing
The player's personality motivates people to save a bit more food, reducing daily Food cost by 25%.

30 Skill PointsEdit

  • Unity
The force of your personality has everyone working together fluidly, reducing the time for every project in the Shelter by 20%.

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