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The Noisy Mausoleum, despite the ominous name, this is actually not a creepy burial place of the dead. Instead it is a scary place where the undead linger. The place consists of a large two storey building that contains apartments arranged in a u-shape and looking out on a small inner square with four three flights of stairs leading up to the first floor. Two of these are blocked. A car has apparently crashed into the square.

Location[ | ]

The building is located forty miles north-west of the shelter, west of route 83.

Resources[ | ]

There are many apartments and zombies to loot that you probably have to go there twice. It offers mostly luxuries, food and the occasional weapon or ammunition.

Notable loot[ | ]

Doors, lock and alarms[ | ]

A lot of doors are closed, but unlocked. A few are locked. In a few cases doors inside are locked. Doors that are locked rate 70. Doors inside the apartments that are locked rate 10. There are no alarms.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies(a lot of them).

This place is crawling with zombies, and loud noises will spawn more. Cleaning this place is tedious work. Probably it is best to wait until you meet Sir Chaleston(around day 40) or get some armor that is zombie resistant.