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The Old Church is a location that contains a church, a large parking with some cars, a pond and two houses. One of the houses is locked and has an alarm.

Location[ | ]

Old Church is east by northeast from the shelter at Splendid and is located halfway in between Route 190 and Route 87. At survival rate 3 it is about one and a half hours walking.

Resources[ | ]

The location contains the follow loot-able places.

- A church with five looting spots in the Nave giving mostly luxury items and some food and a lockpick. The two rooms at the rear of the church are locked with rating 20 locks and have each a loot point. The toilet has one too; they deliver luxury objects mostly.

- A house with an alarm that can be turned off with a skill of 3 or higher. The house is locked with a lock 30 rating to the front and a lock 20 rating at the back. The house has five loot points that almost all give luxury items, except for the medicine cabinet, which give a various set of medical items.

- There is a toolbox next to the car parked next to the house with the alarm that gives some tools and a part and a Grill in the yard giving a dead rat.

- The parking has a pickup, car and a dumpster giving a few luxury items with some food and a part.

- The other house was under construction as there are only building materials inside. Despite eight loot points there isn't a lot to get.

Enemies[ | ]

There are a few zombies about, but most of them are in the church behind locked doors.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

The following zombies can be found.

- Around the house with the alarm: Fresh Body and a Growling Woman.

- Inside house with the alarm: nothing.

- The parking has three zombies: Failed Survivor, Rotten Looter and Looter Corpse.

- The pond is free from zombies.

- The other house has a Gutted Man on the porch at the back and a Chewed Man to the side, but the house itself is empty even though the doors are unlocked and the front door is open.

- The church front doors are locked with a lock rating 30. The back doors are unlocked but the two doors that connect the rear of the church to the Nave are locked with a rating of 20. The nave is crawling with eight zombies: Deceased Man, Female Corpse, Bloody Girl, Dead Man, Decomposing Woman, Male Corpse, Smelling Corpse, Rotting Female.

Note: using firearms prudently seems not to spawn zombies.

Trivia[ | ]

The Church is located on a junction of Oak street and Hill street but those two streets run parallel in the Downtown San Saba area some miles to the north east: one wonders how they wander. As far as can be established Old Church is completely fictional.