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Old General Store


Old General Store

Old General Store[ | ]

The Old General Store is a gas station and consists of two buildings facing the gas pumps. The entrance to one building is blocked by a truck. There are a few cars and a truck(called semi-truck).

Location[ | ]

Location is found on the 283, north of the shelter and a the alley.

Resources[ | ]

There is a varied amount of loot to find, but most of all there is fuel.

Notable Loot

  • Fuel (6.0 Gallons)

Doors and alarms[ | ]

There are no alarms.

The door into the second building, the one that has the front entrance blocked with a truck has a rating 80 door that can be opened at least with a Mechanical skill of 6.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Looters

*Spoilers*[ | ]

Two looters are in building facing the gas pump.

  • Looter Sentry (hunting shotgun).
  • SMG Looter(armed with a SMG).

Two Looter are outside other building, either to the left or back.

  • Fast Looter(Snubnose)
  • Looter Marksman(armed with a level-action rifle)

Three are inside the building that has the truck in front.

  • Looter Thug(snub nose).
  • Female Looter(snub nose).
  • Experienced Looter(SMG).

Remarks[ | ]

Shooting has a small chance of spawning zombies.

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Notes[ | ]