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Old Neighborhood[ | ]

The Old Neighborhood is a quite little corner in Dead State with three houses, A red house, a brown house and a white house. The red one has dead bodies on the lawn, looters and zombies. There are three streets, two running parallel and one connecting the two. Oak street is the furthest away and runs parallel at the nameless street you enter. Hill street connects the two. The white house is boarded up.

Location[ | ]

Old Neighborhood is a location in Dead State. It can be found in the south-west of Splendid on Route 377. It is about three hours walk from the shelter at survival 3/4(average).

Resources[ | ]

There are three houses here. The white house is inaccessible and boarded up.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

White house[ | ]

The boardings offer some parts to loot.

Brown house[ | ]

A lot of containers, but almost everything is luxuries. There are a few knives in the kitchen.

Brown house basement[ | ]

Luxuries and fuel. There is also a football helmet. Two food items are on the two zombies.

Brown house trash can[ | ]

Parts and a few trash items.

Red House lawn[ | ]

Lawn has a few dead man with a few items. Nothing special. The car has also a few luxury items.

Red House interior[ | ]

A fair amount of luxuries, food items and medicines and two gifts(deodorant and sleeping pills).

Red House basement[ | ]

A part and some utility tools like hammers.

Red House garden shed[ | ]

Seed packets and fuel.

Notable loot

  • Fuel (7 gallons).
  • Seed Packets in the garden shed which you need to make a garden.

Enemies[ | ]

  • A few zombies.

*Spoilers*[ | ]

Brown house[ | ]


Brown house basement[ | ]

Two Zombies called Caidos and Dz are in the basement. When you make a noise Caidos comes up, but DZ doesn't.

Red House[ | ]

None, unless you want to piss off Bud. His wife Rebecca is a zombie.


Firing a gun has a low change of spawning zombies. There isn't much reason to fire a gun.

Allies[ | ]

Bud Larsen can be recruited here.

Trivia[ | ]

Two named zombies, Caidoz and DZ (short for Drunk Zombie), can be found in the basement of a house in the map. Caidoz and Drunk Zombie are moderators on the Iron Tower Studio forums and the Steam forums.

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