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The Paradise Apartments...

Introduction[ | ]

If you haven't found it on your own then this place gets mentioned by Lane Vibesit. The location is a sizable area with a Seven store, a Taco The Town diner, a row of three shops( E-Z Laundry, Sports shop, Tattoo parlor) and the Apartments mentioned by Lane. It is a large building with four apartments joined together under one roof.

Location[ | ]

Paradise Apartments is roughly 20 miles north-west from San Angelo on Route 87.

Resources[ | ]

Despite the presence of several shops and vehicles this place has not much loot as both the Diner and the Seven shop have been pilfered. The smaller shops, while locked, do not offer much either. The cars offer some fuel. The locked apartments seems to be the best bet.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Tattoo gun in the Tattoo parlor
  • Fishing Pole in the Sports shop
  • Aluminum Bat in the Sports shop
  • Data Item in one of the apartments
  • CD-Collection in one of the apartments
  • DVD player in one of the apartments

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

There is a wide variance of doors at this place rating from 10 for bathroom doors to 50 for the backdoors of the Diner and the Seven store.. The main entry of the Seven store and the Taco The Town are open.

  • The Seven store's front doors are burst open. The back door is locked and rated 50. There are two bathroom doors to the side which are unlocked.
  • The Taco The Town diner's front doors are flung open. There is a locked back door rated 50 and a locked side door rated 40.
  • The row of three shops doors are all locked. The front doors are rated 30, the back doors rated 50. The sport shop in the middle has an alarm.
  • Three apartments have locked doors, rated 30. One apartment has an open door.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

  • Zombies
  • Survivalists

A relative easy place to explore as the zombies are spread out and noises do not seem to spawn new ones.

The more serious opposition is in the back of the Seven store: a survivalist scout and a survivalist.