Dead State Wiki

Parts are extremely valuable around the Shelter as they are used in repairs, construction, upgrades, and crafting.

How to acquire parts[ | ]

There are several ways of acquiring parts:

  • By looting them off Mobs and containers.
  • By recycling items in the Recycler you can build for your shelter. It is recommended to build the Recycler early on in the game for this purpose (though obviously after strengthening the fence)
  • By having Oscar Guzman in the shelter. He will get you 3 parts a day because of his Resourceful Perk.
  • By having Gillian DeVries in the shelter. She can be asked to scavenge for 2 parts a day.

*Bug*[ | ]

If you have a radio and are outside of the shelter you can assign Mechanics jobs and those will not use up parts. This way you can create extra parts bye making items and then breaking them down with the recycler.

There seems to also to be a bug that ordering the Tyre armor adds parts, this has yet to be tested.