Dead State Wiki
Pepper Spray
Class Special
Hands 1
Range 1
Ammo capacity 10
Damage Type Chemical
Stat Chance Blind 100%
Noise 5
Strength 1
ZDamage 0%
Critical Hit chance 0%
Critical Multiplier 0.00x
Weight 0.5 lbs

This small container contains a highly-reactive chemical agent, causing any live creatures exposed to it to be temporarily blinded. It has a limited number of uses before the air cartridge runs out, and the concentrated chemicals within make attempting to reload it too hazardous to do safely.

Attacks[ | ]

Spray[ | ]

  • Basic AP Cost: 4
  • Damage: 0-0 (Chemical)
  • Give target blind status effect for 3 rounds, they still can move and attack. Do not work on undead.