Dead State Wiki

The 9MM pistol is common because it’s popular weapon with law enforcement, military personnel, and gun owners. It’s a very good primary or secondary weapon. It’s not terribly noisy, but it can attract attention if too many shots are fired consecutively. Its damage range is a bit unreliable, but it does the job.

PROS[ | ]

  • More common, especially the 9MM.
  • Ammo for some pistols is easier to find.
  • 1-Handed, no penalty to switch to other 1-handed weapons.
  • Mods are cheaper.
  • AP cost generally lower than 2-handed weapons.
  • Fairly accurate within range.
  • Not as noisy as other guns, 9MM can be silenced.

CONS[ | ]

  • Chance to critical not as high.
  • Maximum range is not great.
  • Most pistols are less effective against armored targets.
  • Not the most effective weapon against undead.