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Location of Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp


Entrance of Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp

Introduction[ | ]

Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp (an encampment) is the location of another group of survivors, lead by Ben

Layout[ | ]

The camp is protected by a makeshift wall, made up out of vehicles, fences, wood platforms that go around the whole camp. To right of the entrance are three buildings leading away to the back. To the left is a camping ground with two small sheds and two chicken coops. Behind that are two more buildings.

Location[ | ]

The Camp can be found in the southeast corner of the map. It is about 20 miles northwest from Austin roughly in between Route 281 and Route 183.

Loot[ | ]

This place can be looted without repercussion as long as you stay out of the houses. Loot are of a general nature: food, luxuries and fuel. There is also 10+ antibiotics in one of the houses(the one near the watchtower in the back).

Notable Loot[ | ]
  • Seed packets
  • Antibiotics

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

All doors are locked, doors are rated 50. There are no alarms. The house to the right of the entrance, probably a reception has an internal locked door rated 100 that gives access to a storage room.

Allies[ | ]

You can talk to Ben and come back for additional conversation. If you have a high negotiation you can get three bows from him. Later in the game he can give you a cat.

Enemies[ | ]

None. Unless you attack the people here of course. Looting the place will not trigger an attack unless you enter the houses.

Remarks[ | ]

  • The wild dog that automatically appears when you have survival level 10 will flee with the message: Wild Dog flees as suddenly and mysteriously as it arrived!
  • Zombies will spawn with too loud noises.

Spoilers[ | ]

  • At day 50 you can get a cat here.
  • After day 60 or so everyone will be gunned down and you can freely loot the place. Guess the perpetrators didn't bother to loot.
  • No zombies will appear later on in the game.

Related Bugs[ | ]

After a successful conversation with Ben, you may experience that you can not talk to him or anyone in the camp again (you simply get the attack option when hovering over the inhabitants). This can be fixed by hitting space (initiating combat) and then hitting space again (to end combat). You should now be able to talk to the camp members again. Everything can be safely looted from the camp while in attack mode, with no reaction from NPCs (except for locked doors). The camp will not become hostile after leaving and returning, either.