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Map location of the Pleasant Street Library


Map location of the Pleasant Street Library


Map location of the Pleasant Street Library

Pleasant Street Library[ | ]

This is a residential location. The library is located in a bend of a road that has no street sign but can be assumed to be Pleasant Street. There is also a parking lot in front of the Library and a building that is still under construction. The Library is to the left upon entry and the building under construction on the far right.

Location[ | ]

Pleasant Street Library can be found on the 87, south of your shelter

Resources[ | ]

This a place with something of everything.

Parking Lot[ | ]

Some fuel and luxuries.

Library[ | ]

The library is locked with a rating 60 door and protected by an alarm that can be turned off by a science level 3.

If picking the lock is impossible breaking down the door is an option. This does not seem to spawn Zombies nor attract enemies further down the road.

This place gas Books mostly, but the library also has DVD's for a quest and the English to Japanese Dictionary for another quest. There are two Data Items to get.

There is an apple tree in the garden.

Building under construction[ | ]

Inside[ | ]

A few parts and some tools.

Diamondback Hardware van[ | ]

Fuel and part.

Yard[ | ]

Almost 20 parts.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • English to Japanese Dictionary
  • DVD's
  • Probably your first bow.
  • Aluminum bat.
  • Telescopic Baton.
  • Data Items.

Enemies[ | ]

  • Survivalists

Parking Lot[ | ]

A Survivalist Scout armed with Flare Gun that can be quite nasty as it can give you a burned penalty which takes a whopping 48 hours to cure if not attended.

To the top of the road.[ | ]

Another survivalist scout but armed with an aluminum bat.

The building under construction[ | ]


  • One Survivalist with a police shotgun.
  • One Survivalist Archer with a bow.


  • One Survivalist with a rifle.

Remarks[ | ]

Probably an area you will have to hit in the game early eventually to get some better ranged weapons. Survivalists seem to more rely on firearms and less on armor as compared to Coyotes.

Trivia[ | ]