Dead State Wiki

Polearms are best used to strike and move, keeping space between you and your opponent. The better ones can be used to trip or knockback opponents, while causing additional bleeding damage. Piercing damage is especially useful since most armors do not protect against it. While piercing isn’t terribly useful for zombies, playing a knockdown or distance game can give polearm users the option of either fighting defensively or giving themselves a head start when making a break for it.

Pros[ | ]

  • Range allows for distance melee attack on enemies
  • Highest critical multiplier
  • Medium to high damage
  • Can inflict multiple statuses like knockdown, knockback, and bleeding

Cons[ | ]

  • Very slow
  • Less accurate when not attacking from optimal range
  • Best weapons in this class are rare
  • All are 2-handed (switching penalty)