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Predator Town is a reasonably large place. At the center is Hill Street, which divides the place in two. There are shops and other places lining the street, further away from the entry is a police station and a Diamondback Hardware store.

Location[ | ]

Predator town is located a few miles South-East from San Angelo on Route 87.

Resources[ | ]

Many of the buildings are looted and therefore have nothing much to offer, however there is a reasonably amount of fuel to get from the vehicles. There are also a lot of stun guns or chainsaws to be looted, if you are partial to that. Also there is a lot of parts to find.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Fuel: 7 Gallons alone from the wreck on First Street.
  • Fuel: 2.5 Gallons from the riding mower.
  • Unasume(Named weapon)

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

It is hard to keep track of what doors are locked and unlocked. In general most doors are unlocked, but a random few are locked with doors rating 70. Usually these are backdoors.

Allies & Neutrals[ | ]


Enemies[ | ]

As the name suggests this isn't a nice place and if you didn't get the hint from the name.. what about the dead bodies around the T-junction of Hill and First? I mean seriously.. pay attention!

When exploring Hill Street you get accosted by a Predator Trapper. This also triggers and defuses the main ambush, which would trigger if you where careful enough to circumvent the central Hill street. Yes, the direct approach leads actually to a direct battle without your group getting ambushed.

Predators who will fall victim to your (long ranged) attacks(^^)

  • Predator Boss
  • Predator Trapper(lingering alone near the Junction of First and Hill)
  • Predator Trapper(in the middle shop of the three shops on the left of Hill Street).
  • Predator Butcher
  • Predator Tank
  • Predator Tank
  • Predator Spearman

In the police stations torturing and killing captives.

  • Predator Trapper
  • Predator Butcher
  • Predator Spearman

Diamondback Hardware store

  • Predator Tank
  • Predator Butcher

Remarks: Zombies sometimes spawn when making loud noises.

Observations[ | ]

As said on the Predators page predators excel in melee fighting and thus are well armed and armored for close combat fighting. For more information, see the page.