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Introduction[ | ]

Predators are aptly named thugs who like to prey on others, specifically the weak.

Tactics[ | ]

Predators are tough customers to meet early in the game. They excel at melee and are very well armored. Thus they try to get up close and personal.

As you can guess, their biggest weakness is their lack of ranged weaponry. A case in point is the predator spearman: he has only 1 bolt for his crossbow (See below in the types section for more details).

This weakness they offset by ambushing their prey and fighting in build-up areas where houses limit the use of ranged weapons(and I assume they avoid enemies that do have long ranged weapons).

They also attempt to set their opponents on fire with flare guns and torches and the Predator Boss might also toss you a fire-grenade(not confirmed). This can be quite annoying as this causes burns and lowers the hit-chance of those so-affected.

Burns take also a lot of time to heal.

Advice is to avoid areas with predators until you have the gear to deal with them easily because even if you manage to kill them early in the game they often leave your team scathed. Besides, early in the game your priority is getting supplies, which they actually lack. And finally most of their kit you can get from others without having to slog it out and by the time you actually can deal with them easily you are probably looking for bigger fish to fry.

Types[ | ]

  • Predator Spearman(Crossbow(1 bolt), Pitchfork, Paintball Faceplate, Leather Jacket).
  • Predator Tank(Crowbar, Claw Hammer, Sawed-Off Shotgun(2 shells), 3 extra shells, Yard Gloves, Corrugated Tower, Football Helmet, Firefighter Gear, 5 Parts, Soothinum, Box of Granola, Protein Bar)
  • Predators Trapper(Torch 3/5, Claw Hammer, Molotov Cocktail, Stun gun, Gas Mask, Riding Leathers, Sneakers, Potted Meat, Fuel(0.5 gal), Codeine, Flashlight)
  • Predator Butcher(Chainsaw, Combat Machete, Yard Gloves, Welding Mask, Ballistic Vest, 3 Parts, Porno Magazine, Dog Food, Jerky)
  • Predator Boss(*Predator Boss(Unasume(unique weapon), Flare Gun, Aluminum Bat, Gas Mask, Butchers Gloves, Combat Boots, Motorcross Armor, Chips, Soda, Chocolate Bar, Candy, Snack Cake, Codeine, Bag of Medical Marijuana, Sleeping Pills, possibly also a fire-grenade)

Locations(spoiler warning)[ | ]

Predators can be encountered at the following places:

  • Predator Town
  • Zooniverse
  • Junkyard