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When traveling over the map there's a chance that you will run into random encounters from time to time, represented by an "x". While most of the encounters are hostile, some will give you a new ally. If your survival skill is high enough you can choose whether to enter the map or not. It's currently unknown if your allies survival skills are taken into account or not. Some events, specially recruiting ones, only trigger in specific regions of the map.

Encounter[ | ]

Name Description Recurring Can be skipped? Short info Notes Loot?
A house along the road Someone in there? No No A chance to recruit Effrem Montague. There is no page as this is just to recruit Effrem. Some loot
Country Road Possible ambush. Yes Yes A road through a rural area. An ambush that goes sour. On the looters mostly.
Crash A car crash. No No A chance to recruit Paul Rainier. I did not make a page for this event as this is just for recruiting Paul.
Dying A recent accident. Unknown Yes A crash car along the road with a dying man inside. There is no page as this is an very short encounter.
Encounter Two men arguing. No No A chance to recruit Troy Cooper. There is no page as this is just to recruit Troy.
Field Corpses around. Probably Yes A shortcut through a field. About eight zombies
Ghost Town Fresh tracks in the dirt. Yes Yes Looks abandoned. Looks...
Ghost Town 2 A car drove through recently. Yes Yes A cluster of dilapidated houses along a street with an abanoned truck.
Hiking Path You hear moaning. Probably Yes A path off the main highway. A horde of eighteen zombies. Some loot.
Old Road Guy looks harmless Unknown Yes Lone traveller asks for a bite, then asks for a kiss.
Path Is that a knight? No No A chance to recruit Sir Charleston. There is no page as this is just to recruit Sir Charleston
River Path Who left their stuff here? Possibly No2 A path through woods leading to a campsite next to a river. First time around only. Only the zombies thereafter.
Roadblock A roadblock. Probably No2 A roadblock. No page. This is a short battle with three coyotes. 7 Gallons of fuel
Roadkill Something smells like roadkill. Possibly Yes An abandoned car surrounded by zombies.
Traffic You hear shuffling feet. Possibly Yes A traffic jam with with zombies scattered about.
Train Tracks You heard barking earlier. Yes Yes Easier than taking the road. Four hostile dogs. Nothing
Quiet Street You feel like you're being watched. Yes Yes Anything could be in there.
Undead Attack Someone is making a lot of noise. Yes No A group of people getting overwhelmed by zombies. If you wait far away from the fight, human enemies will eventually become zombies. No zombies will have spotted you yet (you will leave combat mode). mainly in corpses
Cheery House Unknown No Unknown A chance to recruit Grant White Some loot
Highway They are signaling me Yes Yes Two figures on a road signal for help This is an ambush by six looters lead by a looter named Man. On the looters. This place spawns zombies.
Underpass Perfect spot for an ambush Yes Yes A road under a bridge Another ambush but with four survivalists, go wipe'm out. This appears late game. Loot on the survivalists. Spawning is possible.

Harvesting[ | ]

What Description Yields foodvalue/weight1
Abandoned Farm You spot wild tomatoes Tomatoes 2/1 Lbs Deadstate-tomatoes
Grove You spot some apple trees Apples 1/0.5 Lbs Deadstate-apples
Fence You notice grape vines growing along a fence Grapes 1/1.0 Lbs Grapes for harvesting
Walkway Herbs growing in front of a house Herbs Herbs
Old Farm A few corn stalks left in a field Corn Old farm
Field A bunch of wild potato plants Potato Potato
Mill Sacks full of mealworms Insects Mill
Road Wild berries near the road Wild berries Wild berries
Backyard You spot pecans growing in a yard Pecans Backyard

Notes[ | ]

1See provisions for more details.

2 Could be depending on the level of survival.