Ranged is one of the available Skills in the game Dead State. This skill increases a players' effectiveness with firearms/ranged weapons.


30 points may be placed in any skill, perks are awarded at levels 4, 12, and 30. The number of points required to advance a skill to the next level increases with only 1 point required for the first level up to 6 points for the 10'th level.

4 Skill PointsEdit

  • Vitalshot
The player gains a 5% additional critical chance on human targets with ranged weapons.
  • Headshot
The player gains an additional 10% critical hit chance on undead with ranged weapons.

12 Skill PointsEdit

  • Quick Draw
Your experience with ranged weapons has given you great speed, reducing the AP cost to fire them by 1.
  • Quick Reload
Your familiarity with ranged weapons has allowed you to reload them swiftly, reducing the AP cost by 2.

30 Skill PointsEdit

  • Sharpshooter
Your keen eye and steady aim has increased the effective distance of all ranged weapons by 50%.

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