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Ready to recycle from the Shelter Storage

Recycler is an upgrade for your shelter

Prerequisites[ | ]

The Recycler requires : 1 Toolbox (obtained at the beggining), 40 Parts and 1 Ally with 6 at the Mechanical Skill.

Benefits[ | ]

The Recycler allows you to turn unneeded items into parts and scrap.

Using the Recycler[ | ]

After you have completed this upgrade, head to your Shelter Storage. You can select any number of items (remember you can ctrl+leftclick to select portions of a stack). The recycler gives you 1 part for every 3.0 lbs of items you recycle at the same time. If you recycle an amount not evenly divisible by 3, an amount of scrap weighing the same as the excess will be added to shelter storage for later use. When satisfied with your selection, click the "Recycle"-tab at the bottom of the storage screen.