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Regina is the former leader of the Coyotes Motorcycle gang, along with her lover, NZ. Her lover was murdered by the current leader, Marshall Streeter, but she managed to flee before Marshall or his followers caught her.

Regina is one of the six Subleaders at the Shelter.

Background[ | ]

As one of the two leaders of the Coyotes Motorcycle Gang Stephenville Chapter, Regina has enough run ins with the law to distrust anyone one with a badge or insignia as the gang was notorious for gunrunning and other crimes to deter even local law enforcement as they even ran guns for the Texas Sons of Liberty. When the apocalypse hit NZ and Regina organized everybody in the coyotes together to survive the zombie apocalypse but Marshall soon realize he could seize power by killing both leaders. Successfully killing NZ, Marshall took control and Regina was forced to flee. Regina is a no nonsense brute force leader who disregards the more subtle methods of dealing with disorder and prefers a head on approach to any problems.

Recruitment[ | ]

Regina arrives at the shelter on day 25. Allow her to stay (begrudgingly or not) and she'll join up.

Events[ | ]

  • After recruiting Regina, you will find Vic and her arguing the morning after she joins the Shelter. If you have a Leadership skill of 2 or more, you can threaten them to knock it off. If you ask more about what's going on, it'll take a skill of 4 or greater. If you take the side of either, the other will lose a chunk of Respect. Keep walking, and both will lose a smaller amount of Respect.
  • Two days after Regina arrives (if you haven't already taken out the Coyotes), Marshall Streeter and some of his men will arrive and ask for you to hand her (or a large amount of supplies) over within three days or they'll come back and destroy the fence. This will trigger the Coyotes Crisis Event: you're given the option to hand over Regina (if she's still around) or supplies, try to negotiate, or attack them.
    • If you decide to attack the Coyotes, Regina will thank you and show you where their main HQ is located, and warn you about the difficulty of the fight.
    • If you take Regina with you to take out the Coyotes, you'll get a special quick dialogue when she takes her revenge on Marshall. This will instantly kill him on the spot regardless how much AP Regina has.
  • Just after the first month, if Todd is in the Shelter, Regina will complain about him. If you encourage her to act against him, you'll get Respect from her and lose it from Todd. If you have Leadership of 5 or above, you can lay down the law with her - if you back off, you'll lose Respect from both Todd and Regina, but if you stick to your guns you'll earn a chunk of Respect from her for it. If you dismiss her, both she and Todd will lose Respect for you. If you have a Negotiation of 3 or more, you can bribe her to drop the issue (5 or more has her take less).
  • At day 35, Regina will suggest visiting the Wicked Lily (coffeehouse where Aimee Sysko is hiding out)
  • About halfway through the second month, Regina will complain about "freeloaders" and demand action. If you demand that everyone is treated the same, she'll lose a bit of Respect and take a Mood penalty. If you have Leadership of 5 or more you can assert your authority - do it without being a jerk, and she'll gain a slight amount of Respect and Mood (if you're a jerk, she'll lose Mood instead). If you have a Negotiation of 4 or more (and over 10 rations), you can offer to bribe her (raises Respect and Mood).
  • At nearly the third month, Anita and Todd are still alive, you'll run into Regina complaining that she doesn't understand why Anita listens to Todd. If you take Regina's side, Anita will take a Mood penalty. If you have a Negotiation skill of 5 or more, neither woman will take a Mood hit. If you take Anita's side, Anita will get a Mood boost, while Regina gets a small Mood penalty. If you have a Leadership of 3 or more and try to argue Todd's usefulness - Anita will get a larger Mood boost, but Regina will get a larger Mood penalty. If you leave them alone, both will take a smaller Mood penalty.

Special Requests[ | ]

Luxury Items

  • Bourbon
  • Medical Marijuana


  • Gym

Stats[ | ]

Survivors develop their skills over time, these stats represent their starting point.

Health Action Points Armor Class Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical

Regina immediately works on maxing out her Melee and Leadership skills, then skips to get a few points in Medical, Survival, and Mechanical before concentrating on maxing out her Ranged, then Mechanical skills. Her stats grow in Vigor, Strength, and Agility.

Traits[ | ]


  • Unconcerned: "Regina isn't afraid at all of the undead, and will never Panic because of Horror."
  • Deep Cuts: "Regina knows how to do serious damage with a knife, increasing her damage 25% when wielding one."
  • Sub-Leader: "This person is someone who speaks with authority, and whom certain people have chosen to listen to."
  • Pumping Iron: "this ally enjoys having a Gym in the Shelter, and will gain a one-time Mood boost after it is completed."