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Renovated Farmhouse on your map


Renovated Farmhouse

Renovated Farmhouse[ | ]

This is a farm type of location that Aimee with tell you about if you recruited her. There is a farmhouse, barn chicken-coop and shed.

Location[ | ]

About 50 miles west and slightly north of your shelter

Resources[ | ]

Great place for fresh food. Plenty of berries, fruit and other yummies! They also got a chickencoop that should contain a live Chicken (just remember to loot them only after you have built your own Chickencoop.

Notable Loot

  • Bag of Cement in the Diamondback Hardware van.
  • Fuel(6 gallons alone in the lawnmower in the shed).
  • Seed Packets in the garden supplies near the gastank.
  • Chicken in the coop.
  • Toolbox in the barn
  • Toolbox in the basement
  • 15 parts inside the house

Enemies[ | ]

*Spoilers*[ | ]


  • Male Looter
  • Nervous Looter
  • Serious Looter
  • Female Looter
  • Attack dog

Farmhouse basement

  • Though Looter
  • Fast Looter