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The Rogue Military are a group of ex-soldiers who abandoned their duties and became self-serving. They can be considered as ones of the most dangerous enemies in the game. They are always aggressive towards Player.

Their equipment is also one of the best in the game. Almost all of them are wearing Tactical Vests or Ballistic Vests, Combat Helmets and Combat Boots, a melee weapons such as Combat Knife and Combat Machete, and of course a vast arsenal of best firearms. All of them are also wearing dogtags, which, if you already contacted with Militia and Jefferson Claude, can be traded for food and fuel.

Details[ | ]

Their ranks consists of:

  • Rogue Captain(MS4 (14 Bullets), Combat Helmet, Combat Knife, Grenade(?), Marksman Gloves, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Cigar(of course), Dogtag )
  • Rogue Sergeant(MS4 (14 Bullets), Combat Helmet, Combat Knife, Grenade, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag )
  • (Rogue) Commando(Combat Knife, Tear Gas, Gas Mask, Hard Knuckle Gloves, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Cigarette, Dogtag)1
  • (Rogue) Combat Engineer(Combat Shotgun(6 Shells), 5 Shells, Claw Hammer, Combat Helment, Ballistic Vest, Combat Boots, 6 Parts, Dogtag)2
  • Rogue Combat Medic(MK5(18 bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Helmet, Ballistic Vest, Medic Satchel, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(9 mm Pistol(6 bullets), Combat Machete, 3 Bullets, Weightlifting Gloves, Combat Boots, Candy, Data Item, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(9 mm Pistol(8 bullets), Tactical Vest, Combat Helmet, Combat Boots, Potted Meat, Mystery Can, Dogtag)
  • Rogue Soldier(MK 5(15 bullets), Combat Knife, Tactical Vest, Combat Boots, Dogtag)

Although not directly involved in these gangs, The 8-bit Team are not following the only survived commanding officer in the area and are on their own, therefore technically they went rogue too.

Tactics[ | ]

Rogue soldiers are both well armed and well armored, specifically against guns, and thus a formidable foe. Their MS4 has a good range and firepower, but the MK5 is a nasty weapon too as it has a low AP cost so enemies can close quickly and riddle you with bullets. Soldiers are also equipped with grenades and teargas so you have to keep your group spread out to avoid triggering a grenade attack.

They do have weaknesses though. Snipers have a longer range and the you should be able to make good use of that. Next to that, they quickly run out of bullets as they usually have just one clip in their weapons. Luring zombies towards them has them quickly waste their bullets on them. Howver, near the end of the game the bullets is what you want to get your hands on as those are harder to get than guns. Their military armor also fare poorly against melee weapons, seizing the advantage and closing the gap with melee attacks can kill them quickly

Locations[ | ]

They have been found at the following places.

  • Retirement Village
  • Soldier Encampment
  • Ballinger Hospital
  • Safeheart Clinic
  • Boone Circle

Notes[ | ]

1 The Rogue Commando also appears as Commando, for instance at the Retirement Village, as the equipment is exactly the same I assume that there is no difference but for the name. My take is that they probably used the normal soldier as a template for the rogue soldier, but forgot to rename it.

2 The Rogue Combat Engineer also appears as Combat Engineer, as the equipment is the same I assume it is basically the same type. My take is that they probably used the normal soldier as a template for the rogue soldier, but forgot to rename it.