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DeadState SafeheartClinic

The Safeheart Clinic is located in the North West Area of the world map, Just South of Highway 20, West of 277, and North of 87.

Basic Information[ | ]

**Caution - Large number of heavily armed units inside the clinic**

Can be 'chain looted' after leaving RPG Codex to avoid having to take multiple trips to the Far North West. Although due to large amount of loot here you'll most likely need to come back if taking everything.

There are no special Negotiation or Leadership opportunities here.

Travel Time[ | ]

Foot Foot (survival enhanced) Horse Car (0 Upgrades) Car (Fully Upgraded)
6 Hours 10 Minutes (not recommended) 3 Hours 2 Hours 20 Minutes

*Please Add Foot and Car Times*

You may want to 'put off' this location until you feel your squad is strong enough.

DeadState SafeheartClinic OutsideLoot

However, the outside the clinic is clear of the undead

assorted loot that can be found

The Safeheart "Unsafe" Shootout[ | ]

Upon entering the clinic you will be confronted with a large force of soldiers. Once the fighting starts it seems to proc all of them (from firearm noise) so 'dividing them up could be difficult. It is possible to get into the front door without being noticed right away. This makes it possible to 'set-up' there, however you may be better off going in through the side entrance. There is also a red door that can be bashed or picked. It may be possible to 'sneak' around a bit more by going in that way. Altogether this location seems to be set up primarily to the stage of a pretty intense fight between your scavenging party and a large group of soldiers.

The Enemy[ | ]

Inside the clinic there are a well armed group of 11 hostile soldiers:

1 Merc Assault

1 Merc Axeman

1 Merc Sharpshooter

1 Rogue Combat Engineer

2 Rogue Combat Medic

1 Rogue Commando

1 Rogue Sergeant

3 Rogue Soldiers

Tactics[ | ]

There are several options for entering the clinic. The front sets you up to get flanked from the front and right side. This combined with the small area leaves you vulnerable to the several AOE explosive and crowd control grenades. The side entrances offer better points of entry. Utilizing the noise from bashing the red door by the side entrance to 'lure' the encounter to the hallway an effective way to control the encounter.

Squad - who to bring[ | ]

Formation - Kill Zone

A well armed scavenger crew is suggested. 1 Tank with 3 Gunners in a well placed bottleneck will give you the ability to soak up the ranged damage while staying spread out enough to not provoke getting hit with grenades. Putting the tank in a defensive position by using the "Fortify" ability of a shield allows for a great distraction. Placing the gunners at points where they either outrange the soldiers (as the Bud in the back here with the sniper rifle) or having gun users move out a couple spaces, fire, them move back around a corner (like Renee with the combat shotgun and Vic with the MS4 as pictured) are great ways to keep the fire from the horde of enemies on your tank that (if well equipped) can handle it. These guys will 'bunch up' after a few rounds of combat. The KO'd enemies will inhibit the other from getting to you eventually. Grenades and other throwables can do some immense damage if used right.

Unwelcome zombies[ | ]

Due to the length and noise of the fight, newly spawned 200dB zombies will threaten your rear. They may warrant a bullet or two once control is gained over your armed enemies.

Alternative Tactic[ | ]

Another tactic is what I call the siphon off tactic which requires a character with a high amount of actions points and a decent shooting skill. Perception is also a plus. It requires the use of silenced weapons, like the 9 mm Silenced Pistol or Bows. The tactic is to draw off enemies by ones and twos by showing yourself or firing your silenced weapon at them. This will trigger them to follow you and as long as they can't fire on you by backing out of their range none of the others will be warned and no zombies will spawn. You can then draw them into a killing zone of your bow armed troops. Make sure they are well spread out as any grouping will trigger them to throw grenades at you(and for some reason throwing has an amazing long range). Also handy to be able to quickly switch to sniper rifles and MS4 when things go south. The advantage of this tactic as opposed to the above one is that at the end you will have their ammunition and grenades. You also don't need the heavy combat gear to withstand bullets. Disadvantage is that it takes longer.

Squad - who to bring[ | ]

Paul Rainier might work well if your main character lacks the essentials. Darlene can fire a bow with 4 AP and if you have her get Sterling she packs a punch as she can fire twice in a round and even move 1 square at the same time. You might pick Vic as he has a longer range due to his special perk and he has more AP than Bud.

*I am curious if there are any other tactics that are used in this encounter - feel free to share

Loot[ | ]

There is about 465lbs of loot in this location. The vehicles outside provide a good spot to dump items for multiple trips. One of the reasons to visit the place is the availability of antibiotics. Also you can get a Microscope here, but it is probably superfluous by the time you get to this place as some of the other clinics have them too.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Microscope in the Lab Storage
  • Tactical Vest Advanced
  • Combat Shotguns
  • 5.5 gallons of fuel
  • Combat Helmets
  • Data Items

Doors, locks and alarms[ | ]

Most doors are unlocked and some are even open. Some are closed, like the ones the furthest away from the rogue soldiers. Side entry has a locked door rating 120 and the surgical room has a locked door rating 70. Some doors inside are locked, mostly to seemingly special areas that for some reason do not actually provide special loot. The labstorage with the Microscope is unlocked.

Observations[ | ]

To the side of the clinic is a military suv. It contains two MS4 and a MK5. Although with ammo, it is an easy way to get some military weapons grade weapons.

Remarks[ | ]

  • Loud noises will spawn zombies.

Notes[ | ]

Writing years later i leave this page mostly untouched. I did add to the Tactics section, added a doors section and expanded the Loot section