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Samm is a female cat who shows up at the Shelter, demanding to be let in.

Recruitment[ | ]

Samm will show up automatically at the Shelter on Day 20. You can actively chase her away or try to grab at her, or just open the gate to let her in.

Events[ | ]

  • If you have less than 10 Food in the Shelter, you have the option to try and kill Samm for food. However, this is a futile gesture - she'll spring out of the way and flee the Shelter, resulting in a Morale penalty (-20)
  • Samm will only consume 0.5 Food per day (1/6 of a human's ration).

Special Requests[ | ]

  • None

Stats[ | ]

Since cats cannot go out into the field, they do not have active stats.

Traits[ | ]

  • None

Play Style[ | ]

Cats cannot go out in the field, but are a benefit to have in the Shelter due to their 5 Morale/day bonus. They also do not move around the Shelter like humans and other allies do, but stay in their favorite spot for "conversation."

Trivia[ | ]

  • Age: 10
  • Shelter Location: First floor, on desk in infirmary
  • Samm's name was originally just "Sam," but had to be changed because an individual in the Summer Camp (i.e. a Kickstarter backer) was also named Sam, and the game was getting confused.
  • Samm was named after Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda's (her writer) childhood cat.