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This location consists of one big Bullseye store. All the exits and entrances have been blocked off except for the front entrance.


Nothing much to tell. There is the Bullseye store. A parking lot in front.


This place is located at San Angelo. It is where Route 67 and 87 cross.


Lots of food.

Notable Loot[]

Nothing really unless you still need some of the combat gear that the soldiers have. There are no special variants.

Doors, locks and alarms[]

There are only the front doors, all the other doors have been blocked. The front doors are locked and rated 70. There are no alarms.

Allies & Neutrals[]



  • Zombies
  • Survivalists


There are no zombies when you enter this place, but be sure that there will be when combat erupts.


This location is has a large group of well armed survivors.

List of combatants[]

  • Survivalist Chemist(Tree-Trimmer, Combat Machete, Tear Gas, Gas Mask, Cleats, Mushroom, Herbs)
  • Survivalist(Police Shotgun(5 shells), Lever-Action Rifle(4 bullets), 5 shells, Bola, Combat Knife, Pepperspray, Camo paint, Combat Boots)
  • Survivalist Scout(alternative)(Aluminum Bat, Bola, Torch, Paintball Faceplate, Sneakers)
  • Survivalist Rifleman(AKA7(15 x 762 bullets), Snubnose(6 x 38 mm bullets), Combat Knife, Combat Boots, Dry Beans)
  • Survivalist Sharpshooter(Hunting Rifle(4 x 762 bullets), 4 x 762 bullets, Kukri, Camo Paint, Combat Boots, Potted Meat, Candles, Purification Tablets)
  • Survivalist Commando(Crash Axe, Buckler, Bola, Firefighter Helmet, Dog Sleeve, Combat Boots, Dried Fruits, Wine, Parts(4))
  • Survivalist Archer(Compound Bow(1 arrow), 8 arrows, Bowie Knife, Paintball Faceplate, Tactical Arm Guard, Sneakers, Bug Spray, Blanket, Jar of Preserves)
  • Survivalist Commander(AKA7, Telescopic Baton, Bracer, Tyre Armor, Combat Boots, Grenade)


This location is notable for a NPC reaction after the player secures this location.

This place will spawn zombies at a rapid rate.