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Serpent Street on the map


Serpent Street

Introduction[ | ]

Serpent Street is a residential location. There are five houses, a play ground an and sports field on this map.

Location[ | ]

It is found on the 377, north of the shelter.

Resources[ | ]

Fuel, luxuries, weapons and ammo. Most loot can be found the house with the alarm.

Notable Loot[ | ]

  • Porcelain Figure
  • Data Items

Doors, locks and alarms.[ | ]

Except for the first house on the right all the doors of the houses are locked and have a rating 30. There is one house, at the end that has an alarm.

Enemies[ | ]

Enemies consists of a mixture of looters, survivors, zombies and dogs who are both in and outside of the houses. The main street is "blocked off" by cars that have the name "blocking car" and have a group of Watch mobs ready to engage you.

Details[ | ]

Watch near the blocking cars[ | ]

  • Watch Marksman
  • Watch(Hunting Shotgun(2 Shells), Shell, Claw Hammer, Hard Knuckle Gloves, Firefighter Helmet, Leather Jacket, Adrenaline Shot, Galaxy Wars, Silverware, Romance Novel, Chewing Tobacco, Bandages, Fine Bourbon).
  • Watch Veteran(Combat Knife, Machete, Can of Chili, Dried Fruit)

Enemies inside the first house on the right(the only one with the open door) and last house on the left.[ | ]

  • Zombies

Enemies inside the second house on the right.[ | ]

  • Hostile Survivor(Hunting Shotgun, Hatchet, Shell, Codeine, Jerky)

Looters encamped behind the second house on the right[ | ]

  • Male Looter
  • Female Looter

Enemies near the third house with the alarm(the house itself has no enemies inside)[ | ]

  • Attack Dog
  • Watch Veteran
  • Watch

Enemies near the encampment between the last house and the first house on the left of the street.[ | ]

  • Though Looter
  • Fast Looter
  • Attack Dog
  • Vicious Dog

The first house on the left has no enemies inside.

Remarks: noises might spawn zombies.

There are no enemies inside the house with the alarms and first house on the left of the street.