Dead State Wiki

Shotguns are pretty much what you would expect – lots of damage for little skill at close range. Their critical chance is high, and their critical damage can be devastating. They would be a perfect weapon for closer range if not for the amount of noise they make and their long reload rates – they attract zombies when fired, and frequent reloading (for basic models) means you won’t fire fast enough to take out a group if surrounded. They are, with one exception, all two-handed. In a pinch, the shotgun can do some major damage, but over-reliance on it will have every zombie in the area heading your way.

PROS[ | ]

  • More common than rifles.
  • Ammo is fairly common.
  • Ammo is consistent for all versions of the shotgun (shells).
  • Devastating at close range on undead and humans, even with little skill.
  • Chance to critical can be high, depending on the skill of the shooter.

CONS[ | ]

  • Extremely loud.
  • Maximum effective range is poor
  • Longest reload time.
  • Basic models hold little ammo.
  • Unreliable damage outside their operating range.