Dead State Wiki

Status Effects[ | ]

Status effects are either temporary or persistent forms of physical alterations, usually the result of combat. Temporary effects will wear off, but Persistent effects must be healed with rest at the Shelter. Some Status Effects will only affect NPCs, but most will affect all characters.

Some Status Effects – listed here as Buffs – are actually positive, and grant bonuses to characters rather than penalties.  

Temporary Status Effects[ | ]

Temporary stat effects last for a duration of time. Bleeding can also be removed with Healing. Some resistances or accessories reduce the chance or nullify the chance of being inflicted by these.

Immolated[ | ]


Immolated characters have been set on fire from a fire-based attack or when hit by a weapon that has the Immolate weapon effect. Human targets will put themselves out if on fire when their turn comes, causing them to lose 4AP.. The undead will take 30% of their total HP every round until dead while on fire. If Fire Resistance = 100%, characters take no damage from fire and do not get Immolated or Burned by fire attacks.

When attacked by a fire-based attack, the chance of being Immolated is equal to half the difference of their armor's fire resistance. For example, if a character has a fire resistance of 30%, the difference would be 70%, and their chance of being Immolated would be 35%.

Bleeding[ | ]


Certain weapons have a chance to cause bleeding damage. Bleeding causes a character to lose 1-5 HP every round for 3-5 rounds. The damage is random every round (between 1-5) and the number of rounds (3-5) is generated at the time the status is inflicted. If Bleeding status is inflicted while the target is bleeding, the status is reset, not stacked.

Prone[ | ]


Target has been knocked to the ground. Prone targets have a temporary Agility of 1. Requires 50% of AP to get up (need to be healed first if at 0 or fewer HP). Certain weapons/attacks do more damage to Prone targets.

Dizzy[ | ]


Target’s to-hit temporarily lowered by 50% for 3 turns.

Panicked[ | ]


(NPCs ONLY) Target will try to flee from combat. Caused when their Panic or Horror threshold is triggered.

Blind[ | ]


Agility and Perception are set to 1 for 3 rounds.

Poisoned[ | ]


Target takes damage over time. Only affects humans, and appears in two levels:

  • Level 1: does 1-5 HP damage for 1-3 rounds.
  • Level 2: does 5-10 HP damage for 3-5 rounds.

Persistent Status Effects[ | ]

Persistent Status Effects that can only be healed with bed rest. Chance of getting these can be reduced or nullified by Armor or Accessories. "Duration" equals the number of days patient must not be taken into the field if they want the status to heal.

Burned[ | ]


The chance of being Burned is 10% each time Immolate status is applied. Reduces to-hit with melee and ranged weapons by 30%. Requires advanced medical treatment or rest.

Duration: 48 hours

Wounded[ | ]


If a human is KO'd and healed, it causes the Wounded status. Wounded status temporarily reduces max AP by 2 and only allows HP to be healed as much as 80% of their maximum. Wounded can only be cured with rest.

Duration = 72 Hours

Note: No longer available, When you heal a downed character or heal it that will reduce its Hp in 5 points.

Fatigued[ | ]


Target has been active in the field for more than 12 hours or is starving. Fatigued status reduces Accuracy and Dodge by 25%.

Duration = 12 hours

Arm Sprain[ | ]


Accuracy reduced by 10%.

Duration = 48 hours

Note: Extremely effective against undead (Arm sprain effect unables zombies to attack).

Leg Sprain[ | ]


Reduces the ability to evade by 10%.

Duration = 48 hours

Infected[ | ]


(NPCs ONLY, unless in Player Infection mode)Target has been infected with the undeath virus. If left untreated, this condition will kill the target and raise them as undead. Infected targets will come back as the undead if killed in combat. Treated with daily doses of antibiotics.

Infected status is only contracted when a character is severely wounded and an undead attacks it. If a character is Infected, they will need to consume one Antibiotic per day. As with food, Antibiotic use is automatic, subtracted from the Shelter's total supply at the end of each day. If there aren’t enough Antibiotics for the day, it causes an Antibiotic Crisis Event. Anyone who doesn’t get antibiotics for three days is automatically killed.

Infected targets will come back as undead after a turn or two if not killed by fire. Anyone killed by the undead will be considered Infected and also become undead in a few turns.

Duration = Permanent

Discouraged[ | ]


(NPCs ONLY) Mood is low. Reduces damage dealt by 25% and halves productivity for NPCs back at the Shelter.

Duration = 72 hours

Note: Discouraged is no longer available.

Buffs[ | ]

Buffs are the only positive Status Effects, and are only available for your ally characters. While other Status Effects are acquired in the field, Buffs are gained either through using a certain consumable or through a day’s use of a certain upgrade, and will only last for a certain amount of time before they naturally expire.

Pumped[ | ]


(Allies only) The target has worked out in the Gym upgrade for a full day (8 hours), and has a 10% damage bonus to their melee attacks.

Duration = 96 hours

Aimed[ | ]


(Allies only) The target has practiced in the Shooting Gallery upgrade for a full day (8 hours), and has a 10% accuracy bonus to their ranged attacks.

Duration = 96 hours

Clarity[ | ]


(Allies only) The target has taken Stuporax, which has granted them a 25% bonus to their accuracy for 3 rounds.

Duration = 3 rounds

Soothed[ | ]


(Allies only) The target has taken Soothinum, which has granted them an immunity to Panic for the day.

Duration = 24 hours